HHVM 的後續

官方對於 HHVM 的未來提出了說明:「The Future of HHVM」。重點就是他們不打算以 PHP7 為目標,打算關起來自己玩...:

Consequently, HHVM will not aim to target PHP7. The HHVM team believes that we have a clear path toward making Hack a fantastic language for web development, untethered from its PHP origins.

如果以 Packagist 上的資料來看 (PHP Versions Stats - 2017.1 Edition),HHVM 的數量應該是沒人了:

And because a few people have asked me this recently, while HHVM usage is not included above in the graph it is at 0.36% which is a third of PHP 5.3 usage and really hardly significant. I personally think it's fine to support it still in libraries if it just works, or if the fixes involved are minor. If not then it's probably not worth the time investment.

Comment 的地方有註明這是扣掉 CI 的量:

@ocramius: These numbers ignore Travis CI and other CI systems that set the "CI" env var in their workers. Without excluding those HHVM is around 0.95% so it's still low but those .36% is probably actual usage.

這樣就放心可以完全不用管 HHVM 了 XDDD

WordPress 緊鑼密鼓的測試 PHP7...

看到「WordPress and PHP7」這篇,先講題外話,居然是 make.wordpress.org 這個網址... XD

回到主題,WordPress 正在測試 PHP 7 的相容性,並且呼籲 theme 與 plguin 作者也應該加入測試。

之所以會這麼重視 PHP 7,主要還是因為對效能的提昇感到興奮:

One of the most notably is substantial performance improvements.Benchmarks of WordPress using PHP7 are showing a 2-3x speed improvement compared to PHP5.6.

目前 blog 跑的是 5.6,等 7.0 正式出的時候來測一次吧,到時候要升級前先打一輪 5.6,升級後再打一輪 7.0,看看效能差異如何。