NASA 用雷射光傳送「蒙娜麗莎」圖片到月球上...

NASA 用雷射光將灰階「蒙娜麗莎」傳送到月球軌道上的 LOLA (Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter,看起來是台描繪地表用的儀器?):「NASA Beams Mona Lisa to Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter at the Moon」。

Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter

傳輸速度是 300bits/sec (這數字讓人真感動 XD),傳送 152x200 的 4096 灰階圖片。這次測試其中一個目的是了解地球大氣層對光訊號的影響,可以看到左邊的 raw data 與右邊靠 2/3 RS code 修正的結果:

To clean up transmission errors introduced by Earth's atmosphere (left), Goddard scientists applied Reed-Solomon error correction (right), which is commonly used in CDs and DVDs. Typical errors include missing pixels (white) and false signals (black). The white stripe indicates a brief period when transmission was paused.

不過好像沒提到用多大台的雷射打到月球上... (雷射砲?)

60 公尺外,拍照攝影就可以重製鑰匙...

2009 年在 Schneier on Security 上看到的文章,這幾天跟同事剛好有提到:「Reproducing Keys from Photographs」,相關的技術更早前就有,只是沒有這麼遠。

在論文裡是在 195 feets 外 (約 60 公尺) 架設儀器拍攝鑰匙,利用這些資訊重製鑰匙資訊:


Figure 7: Telephoto setup consisting of C5 spotting scope, Televue PowerMate 4X Tele-extender, and Cannon 40D Digital SLR. Entire system folds up into two small cases and weighs 16 pounds.