PostgreSQL 上,直接將 SSD 的內容送到 GPU 上,加速讀取速度

PostgreSQL 上針對讀取檔案到 GPU 上的成果:「GpuScan + SSD-to-GPU Direct DMA」(日文版)、「(EN) GpuScan + SSD-to-GPU Direct DMA」(英文版)。

主要的原因在於雖然已經有 PGStorm 讓 PostgreSQL 把運算丟到 GPU 上加速,但從 disk 讀到 GPU 這段還是有改善的空間:

PG-Strom that is an extension of PostgreSQL to off-load multiple SQL workloads on GPU devices, transparently. It has been developed for four years, and now supports simple scan, tables join, aggregation and projection.
Its prime focus is CPU intensive workloads, on the other hands, it didn't touch storage subsystem of PostgreSQL because the earlier version of PG-Strom assumes all the data set shall be pre-loaded onto physical memory. No need to say, we had a problem when we want to process a data-set larger than physical RAM.


這對資料量超過 RAM 大小時的處理會非常有幫助 (因為會有大量的 disk i/o 發生)。