USB PD 的誘騙器

先在 HN 上看到「USB Power Delivery for Hobby Projects (」這則,原文是「USB Power Delivery For Hobby Projects」,裡面提到了很多想要從 USB-PD 裡面取出電流的搞法,不過在 HN 的 id=38057797 裡面有提到這搞的有點複雜,可以直接買 USB-PD 的誘騙器輸出對應的電壓:

Most of the rest seems to be over-engineering. You can get a ready-made "PD Trigger" board for literally $1 [0], which will allow you to select the desired voltage using jumpers. It even has support for the non-standard (although still common) 12V profile. Or, if you really want to do it using software, grab a $6 one from Adafruit [1] which comes with a tutorial and Arduino library.

其中的 [0] 是「PD/QC/AFC fast charge decoy trigger support 5V 9V 12V 15V 20V fixed voltage output」這個,可以直接調整 switch S1 S2 S3 選擇輸出的電壓:

不過不知道遇到沒有支援的電壓輸出時會怎麼樣 (像是有些變壓器只支援 5V 與 9V),我猜就是輸出 5V 而且不足電流,然後導致後面的設備不會動?另外比較大的問題就是不知道最大的電流與保護 XDDD

而 [1] 則是「Adafruit USB Type C Power Delivery Dummy Breakout - I2C or Fixed - HUSB238」,除了可以自己改線路設定電壓與最大電流外 (看起來直接一坨錫連過去,或是劃開預設的 5V 1A 的設定導線),也可以用 I²C 動態設定 decoy trigger:


Raspberry Pi 5 的一些細節出現了...

上一篇「Raspberry Pi 5」提到了一些來自 Raspberry Pi 官方的說明,後續各個媒體 (像是 YouTuber) 也都解禁放出不少資料可以參考了,其中電源的部分在「Answering some questions about the Raspberry Pi 5」這邊看到不認 USB PD 的 5V/5A 的問題,目前看起來是走獨規:

I also tested the Radxa USB-C PD 30W power adapter, which says it will output 5V at 5A, but the Pi only negotiates 3A with it right now. I've been in contact with Pi engineers and it seems like they have one on the way to test to see why it's not negotiating more.

另外看起來之後有機會支援 12V/2.25A (換算起來是 27W) 的充電頭,有機會透過韌體更新認得 PD?

I should also note the official adapter lists 12V at 2.25A output as an option, so maybe some future Pi could take that and run with it, for increased compatibility with more USB-C PD adapters (5V at 5A is a rarely seen, though it's an option in the spec).

不過即使走 5V/3A (15W),在一般的應用下是夠用了,到時候拿到來玩看看...

PinePower 120W 充電器

在「PinePower 120W desktop power supply features display, USB PD, QC 3.0 and wireless charging」這邊看到 PinePower 120W 這個充電器:

提供了一個 Type-A QC 3.0 (18W) + 三個 Type-A 5V/3A (15W) + 一個 Type-C PD (65W),然後還有一個 Qi (10W),算了一下這些組合全部都跑滿要 138W,然後機器的上限提供 120W,這個集縮比超低,看起來也是頗猛的...

目前 out of stock,剛好可以等其他用過的人的評價...