GitHub 的 Gist 要移除匿名發表的功能了...

GitHubGist 變成要註冊使用者才能貼了:「Deprecation notice: Removing anonymous gist creation」。主要的原因也還是因為太多 spam 之類的訊息:

In 30 days, we'll be deprecating anonymous gist creation—a decision we made after a lot of deliberation. Anonymous gists are a handy tool for quickly putting a code snippet online, but as the only way to create anonymous content on GitHub, they also see a large volume of spam. In addition, many people already have a combination of tools authenticated with GitHub that allow them to create gists they own.

預定是 3/19 關閉... 只好繼續貼 Pastebin 了... XD

輕鬆發表文章的 服務...

GistGitHub 提供的 Pastebin 類型服務,拿來貼一些雜七雜八的東西還蠻方便的... 則是利用 Gist,抓出內容排版後把內容丟出來。舉例來說,這是原始的文章「OAuth and API Providers: Come on guys.」:

這是排版後的文章「OAuth and API Providers: Come on guys.」: