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在 Google Chrome 上關閉 AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

裝了 Amplifier AMP/Canonical switcher,在 Google Chrome 上可以關閉 AMP 頁面 (Accelerated Mobile Pages)。專案的 GitHub 頁面在 jpettitt/amplifier

This extension is designed for developers working with the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) standard. It detects AMP links in the page header and allows quick switching between the AMP and Canonical version of a page. Optionally AMP pages can be loaded with the AMP validation enabled (#development=1).

每一家的 AMP 連結結構都不一樣,所以就只好裝個套件快速切了...

GitHub Pages 正式支援 HTTPS

GitHub 正式宣佈支援 HTTPS:「HTTPS for GitHub Pages」。

其實對使用者來說,前面的 CDN 伺服器已經支援 HTTPS 很久了,但因為之前從 CDN 到 GitHub 這端沒加密,所以一直都不算是正式支援:

You have been able to request Pages sites over HTTPS for some time, but we refrained from officially supporting it because the traffic from our CDN to our servers wasn't encrypted until now.

另外,新建立的 GitHub Pages 都強制上 HTTPS:

Starting next Wednesday (June 15, 2016, 12pm PDT), HTTPS enforcement will be required for all new GitHub Pages sites.