Windows 上現成的 KataGo + Lizzie 安裝程式

本來花了一些功夫整理了一下 KataGo + Lizzie 純 CPU 版本在 Windows 上的安裝方式 (在「KataGo/Windows」這邊),後來找了一下發現早就有人做的更簡單了:「BadukMegapack」。

底層的部份除了可以選擇裝 KataGo 外,也可以選擇目前已經停止維護的 Leela Zero,或是 SAIAQRay

而界面的部份除了可以用 Lizzie 外 (而且還是改過的加強版 XD),還可以選其他的界面... 除此之外還連 JVM (Java 8) 都一起拉進來幫你裝。

看起來算是包的好好的... 看起來最困難的應該是弄一張高階顯卡了?


前幾天在 Hacker News 上看到的懷古字型:「The Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack」,在「FONT INDEX」這頁裡面有很多字型的圖片可以看。


Q. Is this even legal? The original fonts are not yours. Do you have the right to distribute these versions?

A. Short answer: as far as I was able to research, there is nothing illegal or infringing about this collection. The raw bitmap typefaces are not copyrightable, unlike fonts in specific formats such as .fon and TrueType (which qualify as software); at least this is the case in the US, where this site is based. For a longer and far more boring answer, see the legal stuff section below.

這點可以在維基百科上的「Intellectual property protection of typefaces」這篇看到對應的說明:

Typefaces cannot be protected by copyright in the United States (Code of Federal Regulations, Ch 37, Sec. 202.1(e); Eltra Corp. vs. Ringer). The idea that typefaces (rather than fonts, which are computer software) cannot be copyrighted in the United States is black letter law. 37 C.F.R. § 202.1(e). Under U.S. law, typefaces and their letter forms or glyphs are considered utilitarian objects whose public utility outweighs any private interest in protecting their creative elements. However, there is a distinction between a font and a typeface. The machine code used to display a stylized typeface (called a font) is protectable as copyright. In 1992, the US Copyright Office determined that digital outline fonts had elements that could be protected as software. Since that time, the Office has accepted registration of copyright for digital vector fonts, such as PostScript Type 1, TrueType, and OpenType format files.

有不少字型有提供 8x16 的大小,看起來之後還是可以找機會用看看?應該有機會搭 16px 的中文字...

AWS 對 Elastic Stack 實作免費的開源版本 Open Distro for Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch 的主體是 Apache License 2.0,但 Elastic Stack (以前叫做 X-Pack) 則是需要付費使用的功能,其中包括了不少跟安全有關的項目在裡面,所以其實有不少人抱怨過產品凌駕安全性的問題,像是「ES 6.3: X-Pack Licence is "Expired" on New Install」這篇官方回應的:

A basic license is not entitled to security features. To try out security you need to use a trial license or obtain a subscription.

AWS 這次則是出手實作了他們自己的版本,叫做 Open Distro for Elasticsearch:「New – Open Distro for Elasticsearch」。

如果你看文章說明,他列出來的 feature 全部都是在 Elastic Stack 這頁上列出來的項目,針對性的意思其實很清楚了:

In addition to Elasticsearch and Kibana, the first release includes a set of advanced security, event monitoring & alerting, performance analysis, and SQL query features (more on those in a bit).


Security – This plugin that supports node-to-node encryption, five types of authentication (basic, Active Directory, LDAP, Kerberos, and SAML), role-based access controls at multiple levels (clusters, indices, documents, and fields), audit logging, and cross-cluster search so that any node in a cluster can run search requests across other nodes in the cluster.

目前支援 Docker Image 與 RPM,之後看看有沒有機會出 deb 版本:

In addition to the source code repo, Open Distro for Elasticsearch and Kibana are available as RPM and Docker containers, with separate downloads for the SQL JDBC and the PerfTop CLI.

這樣應該會讓 Elasticsearch 的服務模式受到很大的影響,來看 Elastic N.V. Ordinary Shares Real Time Stock Quotes 這邊會掉多少...

一票在 AWS Lambda 上預先編好的套件

ryfeus/lambda-packs 這邊有一票已經編好的套件,可以看出選出來的都是比較吃資源的東西,拆成 API 接出去比較划算 (以免 API overhead 佔太多):

  • Selenium PhantomJS
  • Pyresttest + WRK
  • Lxml + requests
  • Tensorflow
  • Sklearn
  • Skimage
  • OpenCV + PIL
  • Pandas
  • Tesseract
  • PDF generator + Microsoft office file generator (docx, xlsx, pptx) + image generator (jpg, png) + book generator (epub)
  • Satellite imagery processing (rasterio + OSGEO + pyproj + shapely + PIL)

有些套件光是要編就很麻煩,作者編好後讓人可以直接包進去 XD