Google 放棄對海外伺服器搜索票的抵抗了...

先前美國政府透過搜索票,要求各雲端廠商提供海外伺服器的資料而引起話題 (像是先前 Microsoft 往上打官司抵抗:「Does US have right to data on overseas servers? We’re about to find out」),而現在看起來 Google 打算放棄掙扎了:「Google stops challenging most US warrants for data on overseas servers」。

Google has quietly stopped challenging most search warrants from US judges in which the data requested is stored on overseas servers, according to the Justice Department.

Microsoft 這邊有些不錯的進展,成功在巡迴庭擋下:

Microsoft convinced the New York-based 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals—which has jurisdiction over Connecticut, New York, and Vermont—that US search-and-seizure law does not require compliance with a warrant to turn over e-mail stored on its servers in Ireland.

不過沒看到 AWS 相關的消息,感覺不妙...


在「The Global Internet Is Being Attacked by Sharks, Google Confirms」這篇文章裡提到 Google 證實了海纜常常被鯊魚咬:

不過貼到 Facebook 上後被同事與朋友直接講「是因為太像脆笛酥」XDDD


是真的很像啊 XDDD