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AWS 讓你可以禁止 RI 跨帳號計算了...

現在 AWS 讓你可以設定,是否允許 Reserved Instance (RI) 跨帳號使用:「Customize your organization’s AWS credit and Reserved Instance (RI) discount sharing using new billing preferences」。 以往是優先用在自己帳號,但如果有剩的話可以挪去其他帳號用。這樣雖然比較省錢,但有時候會造成帳務的「困擾」: Historically, AWS has maximized customer savings by applying credits and RI discounts first to the account that owned … Continue reading

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GitHub 的組織管理可以堆階層了...

GitHub 的組織管理可以堆階層了:「Nested teams add depth to your team structure」。 If you're a member of Engineering and someone creates a child team called Security, team members of Engineering aren't automatically direct team members of Security. Security and all other teams nested … Continue reading

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未來 SSL Certificate 的最大有效時間將降到 825 天

CA/Browser Forum 通過了這項提案,將 SSL Certificate 的最大有效時間降到 825 天 (大約 27 個月):「Ballot 193 - 825-day Certificate Lifetimes」。 所以將會從本來的 39 個月降到 27 個月左右,所以現在買得到最長的 certificate 會有 3 年,以後會有 2 年: Recent Ballot 185 demonstrated a consensus among Forum members to reduce the maximum … Continue reading

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GitHub 的 Organization Webhooks

GitHub 以往要每個 repository 都設一次 webhook,現在總算有 organization webhooks 可以以 organization 為單位設定:「Introducing organization webhooks」。 對應的 API 文件在「Webhooks」這邊已經更新,可以看到有些是 organization only 的。

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