freenode 又在提醒大家搬到 Libera.Chat 了...

看到「Last remaining >1000 user community channel seized by freenode staff」這篇,freenode 把 ##linux 頻道給綁走了:

Late in the evening of June 12, 2021, freenode staff seized the largest community channel left on freenode.

新家在 Libera.Chat 上面:

Similar hostile takeovers happened to the Python community, GNU and the FSF. More than 700 FLOSS projects have abandoned freenode and now the Linux.Chat community has left as well; find our new home at #linux on Libera and our multi-platform community website here.

翻了一下「IRC Networks - Top 10 in the annual comparison」這邊的資料,看起來這個月月底有機會交叉?

另外文章裡有提到 OFTC (The Open and Free Technology Community),看起來也是個對 open source community 開放的資源...