Rocky Linux 提出兩個方法取得 RHEL 的 source code

在「AlmaLinux 與 Rocky Linux 看起來都暫時無解」這邊提到了檯面上目前沒有好方法穩定取得 source code 後,Rocky Linux 提出了兩個方法,在不需要同意 RHEL 的條款下取得 RHEL 的 source code:「Keeping Open Source Open」。

中間還有一些小插曲可以提一下,在社群不少抗議聲後,IBM & Red Hat 的 VP 出來直接說他們認為 RHEL rebuild 沒有任何價值,而且是故意讓 rebuilder 更難實作 RHEL rebuild:「Red Hat’s commitment to open source: A response to the changes」。

Ultimately, we do not find value in a RHEL rebuild and we are not under any obligation to make things easier for rebuilders; this is our call to make.

回到 Rocky Linux 的文章,他們提出來的兩個方法都是基於 GPL 的重要性質:如果你可以合法拿到 binary,那麼散佈者就有義務要提供 source code。

第一個方法是透過 RHEL 目前公開提供的 container image:

One option is through the usage of UBI container images which are based on RHEL and available from multiple online sources (including Docker Hub). Using the UBI image, it is easily possible to obtain Red Hat sources reliably and unencumbered. We have validated this through OCI (Open Container Initiative) containers and it works exactly as expected.

另外一種方式是透過雲端服務的 cloud instance 跑 RHEL:

Another method that we will leverage is pay-per-use public cloud instances. With this, anyone can spin up RHEL images in the cloud and thus obtain the source code for all packages and errata. This is the easiest for us to scale as we can do all of this through CI pipelines, spinning up cloud images to obtain the sources via DNF, and post to our Git repositories automatically.

這兩個方法都不需要同意 RHEL 目前在網站上的 TOS 與 EULA,而且短時間內應該不好防堵:前者要關掉的話,應該有一堆既有 RHEL 客戶在用會直接抱怨,真的要硬幹的話得給這些客戶時間從 public repository 轉移到要認證的 repository 上;而後者要堵的話,除非 IBM & Red Hat 決定直接不做雲端生意?

看起來 Rocky Linux 與 AlmaLinux 用這套方法可以撐一陣子,直到 IBM & Red Hat 想出新方法來搞?