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Jenkins 的 Blue Ocean 計畫,改善使用者操作的友善度...

JenkinsBlue Ocean 計畫打算改善讓人頭痛很久的操作體驗了:

Blue Ocean is a new project that rethinks the user experience of Jenkins.

Jenkins 讓人頭痛有兩個面向,一個是界面很難讀,另外一個是操作流程很沒有規則,所謂「熟悉 Jenkins」其中一個很艱難的任務就是要背下一堆功能「蔵在哪邊」。而這次 Blue Ocean 想改善的事情看起來主力放在界面,對於流程修的比較少... 即使如此,這還是可以讓使用的人減少一些痛苦就是了...


在專案頁面的後面有提到 Blue Ocean 用的技術:

Blue Ocean is built as a collection of Jenkins plugins itself. There is one key difference, however. It provides both its own endpoint for http requests and delivers up html/javascript via a different path, without the existing Jenkins UI markup/scripts. React.js and ES6 are used to deliver the javascript components of Blue Ocean. Inspired by this excellent open source project (react-plugins) an <ExtensionPoint>pattern was established, that allows extensions to come from any Jenkins plugin (only with Javascript) and should they fail to load, have failures isolated.

又是個不需要用 SPA 呈現的東西跑去用 React 了...

DigitalOcean 建立新加坡機房...

今天 DigitalOcean 宣佈新加坡資料中心營運 (SGP1):「We're Excited To Announce Our Singapore Datacenter (SGP1)」。

要測試 latency 或是要看 routing 的人可以用 DigitalOcean 提供的 speedtest-sgp1.digitalocean.com 測。

中華電信 HiNet 光世代動態 IP、PPPoE 固定 IP,以及三重的重新機房到 speedtest-sgp1.digitalocean.com 都是 90ms~100ms 左右。

台灣固網內湖機房約 75ms 左右。

而目前看到數字最好的是遠傳的機房的 60ms 左右,ISP 直接進香港 NTT 後就轉入新加坡 NTT,最後進 DigitalOcean。

在 comment 裡也有提到目前的 peering 還不完整,最近會一直調整:

In regards to the latency that people may be experiencing in Singapore: We are sorry to hear that you are having latency issues at this time. Some of our peering is delayed and we will be improving generally connectivity around Asia in the coming weeks.