Netflix 在 2013 年 Open Connect Appliances

Reddit 上的原文在「So I got a Netflix cache server...」這邊,但看起來作者自己刪掉內容了 (可能是被接觸要求刪掉?),可以看 Internet Archive 上的「20221026080226」,以及報導「How a Redditor Ended Up With an Industrial-Grade Netflix Server」。

所以是 Netflix 退役的機器,看起來適合法取得的?

I work for a large ISP, and we are retiring/replacing quite a few 2013 era Netflix OCA caches, and I was offered one. Of course, I couldn't say no 😅


I knew that Netflix had wiped them all in the decommissioning process, that they ran FreeBSD, that they were crammed full of drives, and that's about it.

然後這台 2013 年的機器以現在的角度來看也算很大台,尤其是看到硬碟的部份是 36 顆 HGST 的 7.2TB 硬碟:

36x 7.2TB 7200RPM HGST's

再加上 4 個 10Gbps 的界面可以接:

One 4x 10G SFP+ NIC

作者後來裝了 TrueNAS 來用,就這些規格資料看起來的確是個很適合當 NAS:

I expected some resistance when trying to install an OS, but it was already set to boot from USB and took a TrueNAS install like a champ!

但不確定會吃多少電,放在家裡用還是得考慮這點... 不然就是當紀念品收起來。