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Amazon Pinpoint:對 Amazon Mobile 得到的資料設定條件發推播

這次 AWS 對 Amazon Mobile 收到的資料定義條件發出推播:「Amazon Pinpoint – Hit your Targets with AWS」。 功能是陽春了一些 (其他競爭對手應該還可以發 mail 之類的),但以 AWS 的名字放出來,等於又殺了一票市場上還沒爬起來的競爭對手...

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第九巡迴上訴法院:DMCA takedown notification 必須先確認是否為合理使用 (Fair Use)

出自 EFF 的「Takedown Senders Must Consider Fair Use, Ninth Circuit Rules」這篇,案件可以參考「Lenz v. Universal Music Corp.」這篇,或是 EFF 整理的「Lenz v. Universal」這篇,由 EFF 發起訴訟控告環球侵犯合理使用權: The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed suit against Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) asking a federal court to protect … Continue reading

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Amazon S3 的 Event Notification

在「New Event Notifications for Amazon S3」這邊提到的重點: The bucket owner (or others, as permitted by an IAM policy) can now arrange for notifications to be issued to Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) or Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) when a new … Continue reading

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