Starlink 北美北部封測

看到 Starlink 的北美北部的封測消息了:「I just officially received an email invite to the Starlink beta.」。

大家最在意的費用部份,設定費 USD$499,月費 USD$99:

It's called the Better Than Nothing Beta.

  • Estimated speeds 50Mbps to 150Mbps
  • Estimated latency 20ms to 40ms
  • Some interruptions in connectivity to be expected
  • $499 for the phased array antenna and router
  • $99 per month subscription

翻了一下 Reddit 上面的討論,目標族群跟之前猜測的差不多,這對於地廣人稀地區的使用者 (像是阿拉斯加的村落) 多了一個替代方案:「Starlink is 600x better than my current ISP BEFORE you consider data cap. My jaw dropped when I saw the official numbers.」。

I live in a rural village in Alaska and pay around $200/mo for service that is running fast if it hits 500kbps with a 40GB data cap.

Half the price for up to 300x faster service? Elon please start launching some polar orbits.

另外從「Mods, could we get a stickied post for confirmed beta invited states?」這邊可以看到目前主要都是北美北部的州拿到邀請,應該是商業策略...