Cloudflare 推出 Cron Triggers

Cloudflare 推出了 Cron Triggers,有兩篇說明:「Introducing Cron Triggers for Cloudflare Workers」、「Making Time for Cron Triggers: A Look Inside」。

底層架構上是用 Nomad 做的:

To consume the schedules and actually trigger the Worker, we built a new service in Rust and deployed to our edge using HashiCorp Nomad. Nomad ensures that the schedule runner remains running in the edge node and can move it between machines as necessary.

多了定時跑程式的能力後,整個 serverless 平台的拼圖又多了一塊,現在看起來應該是要發展 storage 與 database-like 系統...

Semantic Versioning 與 Composer 的應用

Nomad PHP EU 上的議程:「Composer: Stability and Semantic Versioning Demystified」,講 Semantic VersioningComposer 上的應用。

投影片還講到了 Composer 處理版本需求互相重疊時的情況,可能會有 conflict 的問題...