Git 2.5 的 worktree

GitHubGit 2.5 寫的介紹:「Git 2.5, including multiple worktrees and triangular workflows」。

Please note that the worktree feature is experimental. It may have some bugs, and its interface may change based on user feedback. It's not recommended to use git worktree with a repository that contains submodules.


Git 2.5 includes performance improvements aimed at large working trees and working trees stored on networked filesystems (e.g., NFS):

Amazon Elastic File System:NFSv4 as a service

在「Amazon Elastic File System – Shared File Storage for Amazon EC2」提到了 Amazon Elastic File System 這個新玩具:

Amazon EFS supports the Network File System version 4 (NFSv4) protocol, so the applications and tools that you use today work seamlessly with Amazon EFS.


目前的價錢是 USD$0.30/month/GB,需要 Preview 申請。這價錢不算便宜,但比起 Amazon S3 的反應時間應該快不少?


有人對 VMware 以及 VirtualBox 測試效能:「Comparing Filesystem Performance in Virtual Machines」,有四張圖:

不過數字怪怪的,NFS 那邊是怎樣 XDDD