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eBay 把 MongoDB 當 cache layer 的用法...

在「How eBay’s Shopping Cart used compression techniques to solve network I/O bottlenecks」這邊 eBay 描述了他們怎麼解決在 MongoDB 上遇到的問題,不過我看的是他們怎麼用 MongoDB,而不是這次解決的問題: It’s easier to think of the MongoDB layer as a “cache” and the Oracle store as the persistent copy. If there’s a cache … Continue reading

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Facebook 機房內的 IPv6 架構

Facebook 在「Legacy support on IPv6-only infra」這邊提到機房內主要的流量幾乎都是 IPv6 了: Today, 99 percent of our internal traffic is IPv6 and half of our clusters are IPv6-only. 不過只有一半的機器是 IPv6-only,這個比例看起來還有不少服務在 dual-stack 轉移階段... 然後從外部只有 15% 的流量是 IPv6: Globally, however, only 15 percent of people who … Continue reading

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D-Link 因為路由器與網路鏡頭不夠安全,被美國聯邦貿易委員會告

FTC 對於 D-Link 產品的安全性不符合宣稱而告下去了:「FTC sues D-Link over router and camera security flaws」。 D-Link claimed its routers were “EASY TO SECURE” with “ADVANCED NETWORK SECURITY,” but the FTC says the company failed to protect its routers and cameras from widely known … Continue reading

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電信商對 Zero Rating 與網路中立性的問題

在「AT&T users will be able to stream DirecTV Now without using their data」這邊才看到 FCC 在這個月月初針對電信商對特定服務的 zero rating 發出警告:「The FCC tells AT&T it may be violating net neutrality with its DirecTV plans」: AT&T is far from the only US carrier to … Continue reading

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用 mRemoteNG 取代 PuTTY

由於架構的隔離政策,有些服務需要透過 VM 裡面的 Windows 存取,所以又花了點時間看看 PuTTY 到底有沒有改善下載問題,也就是 2014 年「Downloading Software Safely Is Nearly Impossible」這邊作者提到的問題 (之前在「如何安全下載軟體...」這篇有提過)。 而即時再過了兩年半,還是沒辦法確認你抓到的 PuTTY 是正確的,Let's Encrypt 還是沒上... 找了一些替代方案,看到 mRemoteNG 這個可以連多種不同 Protocol 的專案,應該會是解法,裝起來用了一陣子感覺還算 okay,之後應該會拿這個用:「mRemoteNG is the next generation of mRemote, open source, tabbed, multi-protocol, remote connections manager.」。 話說回來,找資料的時候發現「simon-git: … Continue reading

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Linode 東京第二機房預定在十二月開放

Linode 在「Network Update: Multihomed, Increased Transit, Peering」這邊提到: We’re opening a brand new Tokyo facility next month. This will enable customers in the region to take advantage of several recent Linode announcements: KVM hypervisor, our latest plan specs including double the … Continue reading

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Route53 也支援 IPv6 了...

Amazon Route 53 也宣佈支援 IPv6 了:「Amazon Route 53 Now Supports DNS Queries over IPv6 Networks」。 依照說明應該是無痛切換過去: The change is seamless and requires no action from you; your end users and clients can begin making DNS queries over IPv6 immediately. 不過測了 … Continue reading

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CloudFront 支援 IPv6

Amazon CloudFront 宣佈支援 IPv6 了:「IPv6 Support Update – CloudFront, WAF, and S3 Transfer Acceleration」。 不只是 Amazon CloudFront 支援了 IPv6,還包括了使用 CloudFront 而建出的 AWS WAF 與 Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration。 所以對外的部份都有 IPv6 了 (包括了 ELB),現在不支援的應該是內部機器與 Elastic IP address?

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CNN 這篇「Netflix goes down. Twitter blows up」提到了昨天 Netflix 當了好幾個小時的情況。裡面提到了 Down Detector 這個服務: Downdetector -- which monitors outage complaints online -- reported more than 13,000 posts from users all over the world Saturday afternoon. 到 Down Detector 網站上看,這個服務有一部份是從 social network 上挖資料: … Continue reading

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Yahoo! 也放出了判斷是否為色情圖片的方案

感覺好像是從 AlphaGo 大勝李世乭開始,透過各類 neural network 的技術就一直冒出來... Yahoo! 這次放出來判斷是否為色情圖片的也是同源的技術:「Open Sourcing a Deep Learning Solution for Detecting NSFW Images」。 當年沒辦法做的事情,現在的技術已經成熟到被 open source 出來了...

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