WebKit 要支援 nested CSS 了

從龍哥這邊看到的消息,WebKit 要支援 nested CSS 了:

原文在「Try out CSS Nesting today」這邊,就是這樣的寫法:

.foo {
  color: green;
 .bar {
    font-size: 1.4rem;


比較特別的是在 nested CSS 中不支援 element 的指定:

main {
 article { ... }


That code will fail, because article begins with a letter, and not a symbol. How will it fail? The same way it would fail if you’d misspelled article as atirlce. The nested CSS which depends on that particular selector is simply ignored.


main {
 & article { ... }


GitHub 的組織管理可以堆階層了...

GitHub 的組織管理可以堆階層了:「Nested teams add depth to your team structure」。

If you're a member of Engineering and someone creates a child team called Security, team members of Engineering aren't automatically direct team members of Security. Security and all other teams nested under the Engineering will inherit repository permissions and @mentions but nothing else.


這功能等好久了,剛好最近會用到... 本來得硬幹做,現在看起來可以比較方便的管理了。