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Slashdot 名字的由來

在 20 年紀念文 (懷舊文) 中 Rob Malda 提到了 Slashdot 名字的由來:「A Pre-History of Slashdot」。 I originally used the name ‘slashdot’ on my desktop a year earlier when I got my first static IP in the Voorhees Hall dorm room I shared … Continue reading

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Let's Encrypt 的官方版本 Client 將會改名

Let's Encrypt 的官方 Client 決定改名,不過目前還沒有公佈新的名字:「New Name, New Home for the Let's Encrypt Client」。 主要是兩個原因,第一個是避免商標問題: [...] we want the client to be distributable and customisable without having to create a complex process for deciding whether customized variants are appropriate for use … Continue reading

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奇怪的 RFC:Naming Things with Hashes

看到「RFC 6920: Naming Things with Hashes」這個,看日期是 April 2013,就在想是不是四月一號發的... 但內容看起來還頗有用的,有種 distributed web 的味道?文件裡給的範例長這樣: <html> <head> <title>ni: relative URI test</title> <base href="ni://example.com"> </head> <body> <p>Please check <a href="sha-256;f4OxZX...">this document</a>. and <a href="sha-256;UyaQV...">this other document</a>. and <a href="sha-256-128;...">this third document</a>. </p> </body> </html> … Continue reading

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