Amazon Aurora 的 Serverless 與 Multi-master

Amazon Aurora 推出了兩包玩意,第一包是 Serverless,讓需要人介入的情況更少:「In The Works – Amazon Aurora Serverless」。

在 Serverless 的第一個重點是支援以秒計費:

Today we are launching a preview (sign up now) of Amazon Aurora Serverless. Designed for workloads that are highly variable and subject to rapid change, this new configuration allows you to pay for the database resources you use, on a second-by-second basis.

然後是極為快速的 auto-scaling:

The endpoint is a simple proxy that routes your queries to a rapidly scaled fleet of database resources. This allows your connections to remain intact even as scaling operations take place behind the scenes. Scaling is rapid, with new resources coming online within 5 seconds

這兩個組合起來,讓使用端可以除了在 Amazon EC2 上可以快速 scale 外,後端的資料庫也能 scale 了...

第二個是 Multi-master 架構:「Sign Up for the Preview of Amazon Aurora Multi-Master」。

Amazon Aurora Multi-Master allows you to create multiple read/write master instances across multiple Availability Zones. This enables applications to read and write data to multiple database instances in a cluster, just as you can read across Read Replicas today.

(話說我一直都誤以為 Aurora 是 R/W master...)

Anyway,這個功能不知道怎麼疊上去的... 不笑得會不會有嚴重的 distributed lock issue,反而推薦大家平常都寫到同一台 (像是 PXC 就會這樣)。

加快 Ubuntu 上 Firefox 的速度...

新版的 Firefox 已經支援 Multi-processes 架構 (Electrolysis),但 Ubuntu 上會因為預設值的關係而被關閉,這篇文章就是講原因以及怎麼打開:「Enabling This Makes Firefox More Responsive On Ubuntu」。

由於大家都會裝一堆套件,看起來得用 Force Enable 這邊提到的方法打開,也就是手動在 about:config 內加入 browser.tabs.remote.force-enable,並設為 true

Firefox 的轉換還有很長一段時間要走...

下個版本 Firefox 的 Multi-Process 將預設全面開啟

Mozilla 說明了 Multi-Process 最近的一些進度:「Update on Multi-Process Firefox」。


Those users have been enjoying the 400% increase in responsiveness and a 700% improvement when web pages are loading.

現在的 Firefox 是 50 版,目前的情況是當 extension 標成 multi-process compatible 就會啟用:

With Firefox 49 we deployed multi-process Firefox to users with a select set of well tested extensions. Our measurements and user feedback were all positive and so with Firefox 50 we deployed multi-process Firefox to users with a broader set of extensions, those whose authors have marked them as multi-process compatible.

下一個版本 (51) 則是會全面開啟,除非有 extension 標成 multi-process incompatible:

Beyond Firefox 50, we have more work to do to enable multi-process Firefox for users with as yet unsupported extensions. In Firefox 51, if all testing goes according to plan, we’ll be enabling multi-process Firefox for users with extensions that are not explicitly marked as incompatible with multi-process Firefox.


Linux 下多點觸控的設定

看到「Multitouch gestures with libinput dirver on X11, Linux」這個專案,可以在 Linux/X11 下偵測到多點觸控,然後設定對應的按鍵,從他的設定檔就可以看到這套軟體的功能了:

      shortcut: 'alt+Right'
      shortcut: 'alt+Left'
      shortcut: 'ctrl+t'
      shortcut: 'ctrl+w'
      shortcut: 'super+Right'
      shortcut: 'super+Left'
      shortcut: 'super+a'
      shortcut: 'super+s'
    shortcut: 'ctrl+plus'
     shortcut: 'ctrl+minus'

不知道實際跑起來如何 @_@

一張網卡上面從 ISP 取得多個 DHCP IP 或是取得多個 PPPoE IP

昨天跟朋友吃飯的時候談到這個問題,回家幫他找一下解法。主要的限制是各 ISP 對單一 mac address 限制分配一個 IP,所以問題只在於要怎麼在 Linux 下的單一網卡建立多個不同的 mac address,後續的就好做了。

主要是參考 Macvlan and IPvlan basics 這篇文章的指令測試。

首先是建立 fakevlan1 (卡號系統會隨機產生),然後啟用他,最後呼叫 dhclient 請 ISP 提供 IP:

# ip link add fakevlan1 link eth1 type macvlan mode bridge
# ifconfig fakevlan1 up
# dhclient fakevlan1

這邊細部沒有處理 routing 的問題 (dhclient 會收到 ISP 提供的各種 routing 與 dns 資訊),看起來可以透過「Can I prevent a default route being added when bringing up an interface?」這邊的方法處理掉。

PPPoE 的方法我相信也類似啦... (手邊沒有 HiNet 線路可以測試 XD)

Firefox 48 的 Electrolysis (e10s),多程序視窗

Firefox 的 Multi-process,也就是 Electrolysis,正式進入 Release 版了:「What’s Next for Multi-process Firefox」。

依照說明,會分成這幾個不同種類的 process:

Electrolysis child processes are currently in use for the following tasks within Firefox:

  • Legacy NPAPI plugin hosting
  • Media playback
  • Web content ('content processes')

Mozilla 給的這張圖則是 UI 與 Web Content 分離:

目前是設計成只有 1% 使用者會啟動,而如果你想要測試的話可以用 about:config 修改 browser.tabs.remote.autostart。不過只要有 extension 掛著,就不會啟動,像是這樣:

當我把 extension 全部關閉後:


Firefox 48 將引入 Multi-process 模式

現在是 Firefox 47,也就是下個版本就會引入 Multi-process 模式了:「Firefox 48 finally enables Electrolysis for multi-process goodness」。

Multi-process 模式也就是 Electrolysis,這對權限的分離 (sandbox) 以及效能的提昇有著顯著的幫助:

Electrolysis functionality hosts, renders, or executes web related content in background child processes which communicate with the "parent" Firefox browser via various ipdl protocols. The two major advantages of this model are security and performance. Security improvements are accomplished through security sandboxing, performance improvements are born out of the fact that multiple processes better leverage available client computing power.

這算是個開頭,地基打出來以後,之後就可以拆更多東西到其他的 child process。

Percona 對 mysql_query_cache 的測試 (以 Magento 為例)

Percona 的人以現在的觀點來看 mysql_query_cache:「The MySQL query cache: Worst enemy or best friend?」。

起因主要也是懷疑 query cache 是 global mutex 在現在的硬體架構 (主要是 CPU 數量成長) 應該是個負面的影響,但不確定影響多少:

The query cache is well known for its contentions: a global mutex has to be acquired for any read or write operation, which means that any access is serialized. This was not an issue 15 years ago, but with today’s multi-core servers, such serialization is the best way to kill performance.

這邊就有點怪了,PK search 應該是個位數 ms 等級才對 (一般 EC 網站的資料量都應該可以 memory fit),不知道他是怎麼測的:

However from a performance point of view, any query cache hit is served in a few tens of microseconds while the fastest access with InnoDB (primary lookup) still requires several hundreds of microseconds. Yes, the query cache is at least an order of magnitude faster than any query that goes to InnoDB.

anyway,他實際測試兩個不同的 configuration,首先是打開 query cache 的:

再來是關閉 query cache 的:

測試的方式在原文有提到,這邊就不抄過來了。測試的結果可以看到關閉 query cache 得到比較好的 thoughput:

Throughput scales well up to somewhere between 10 and 20 threads (for the record the server I was using had 16 cores). But more importantly, even at the higher concurrencies, the overall throughput continued to increase: at 20 concurrent threads, MySQL was able to serve nearly 3x more queries without the query cache.


支援多 CPU 的 ab:wrk

在「wrk」這邊看到 wrk 這個工具:「Modern HTTP benchmarking tool」。

利用 multi-threading 與 epoll/kqueue 撐出效能:

wrk is a modern HTTP benchmarking tool capable of generating significant load when run on a single multi-core CPU. It combines a multithreaded design with scalable event notification systems such as epoll and kqueue.