HashiCorp 將放棄 Open Source License,改採用 BSL 1.1

早上發佈的大新聞,HashiCorp 將放棄本來的 Open-source license (MPL-2.0),改用 BSL 1.1:「HashiCorp adopts Business Source License」,Hacker News 上的討論也可以參考:「HashiCorp Adopts Business Source License (hashicorp.com)」。

看了一下產品線,最成功的應該是 Terraform 這條,其他也有些人會用,但大多都有替代品。

這些軟體可以預期都會有 fork,但後續的開發能量還會有多少就不知道了...

另外前陣子有測過一次 Pulumi,但整體的體驗很差,也許再看看其他的方案?

原來 ISC 自己已經不用 ISC license 了

查資料的時候翻到「ISC Software Licenses」這頁,發現從 2015 年開始 ISC 就打算換掉原先的 ISC license,陸陸續續都轉移到 MPL 2.0...

在維基百科的頁面上可以看到一些說明,包括 KeaBINDISC DHCP 都已經換完了:

In 2015, ISC announced they would release their Kea DHCP Software under the Mozilla Public License 2.0, stating, "There is no longer a good reason for ISC to have its own license, separate from everything else". They also preferred a copyleft license, stating, "If a company uses our software but improves it, we really want those improvements to go back into the master source". Throughout the following years, they re-licensed all ISC-hosted software, including BIND in 2016 and ISC DHCP Server in 2017.

不過 INN 還是維持著 ISC license,應該是因為不算是 ISC 的正式產品?