用 Raspberry Pi 4 與 HDMI-to-USB 組出 KVM over IP 裝置

一樣是在 Hacker News Daily 上看到的專案,弄出便宜的 KVM over IP 裝置:「TinyPilot: Build a KVM Over IP for Under $100」。

主要是他在 Twitter 看到了這則,裡面提到了「Video Capture Cards, HDMI to USB 2.0, High Definition 1080p 30fps, Video Record via DSLR,Camcorder, Action Cam for Live Broadcasting, Live Streaming, Gaming, Teaching, Video Conference」這個產品:

而作者在 eBay 上面也找到了一樣的裝置,但是更便宜 (所以是「親,$11 包郵」?XDDD):

接下來是在接觸 pikvm 的時候發現了 µStreamer 這個專案:

µStreamer is a lightweight and very quick server to stream MJPG video from any V4L2 device to the net.

最後則是發現他使用的 HDMI-to-USB 裝置直接就是輸出 MJPG 格式,連 transcoding 都不用做了,大幅把 latency 降到 200ms:

其實從作者的文章可以知道,你想做的事情說不定在地球上已經有其他人做差不多了,重點是要找出來,而不需要自己硬幹 XD

把 CSC (卡片背面的三碼) 變成 OTP (動態密碼)

把信用卡背面的後三碼 (Card security code) 變成動態密碼,雖然一般只會有三碼,但對於網路消費應該會有不少幫助,不過這樣就不能完全不拿出卡片了...:「This high-tech card is being rolled out by French banks to eliminate fraud」。

產品叫做 MotionCode,會先從法國開始:

Today both Société Générale and Groupe BPCE, two of France’s largest banking groups, are preparing to roll out these cards across all their customers after completing a pilot scheme last year.


There are other pilots underway in Poland and Mexico, and Davis is running Oberthur’s UK operation with the hope of getting a pilot or trial started with a UK bank soon.