mosh 1.4.0 出版

去年的時候 mosh 的原作者 Keith Winstein 曾經提過沒有急迫的新版需求 (可以參考「很久沒出新版的 mosh...」這篇),不過剛剛翻資料的時候發現上個月月底出 1.4.0 了:「[mosh-users] mosh 1.4.0 released」,開頭也提到離上次 release 也已經五年了:

The Mosh team is pleased to announce the long-awaited 1.4.0 release. This is our first release in five years and marks ten years since Mosh 1.0.

在 New features 的部份沒有什麼特別的點,對我來說比較有「感覺」的應該是支援 true color 了,但用的情境好像也不算多:

Add true color support (Kang Jianbin)

另外是專案本身的改變,CI 的部份從 Travis CI 搬到 GitHub Actions 上:

Switch from Travis-CI to Github Actions (Wolfgang E. Sanyer, Alex Chernyakhovsky)


很久沒出新版的 mosh...

在今天的 Hacker News Daily 上看到 mosh 的連結,看了一下 Hacker News 上的討論,發現原作者有上去跟大家討論一些目前的情況:「Mosh: The Mobile Shell (」。

原作者是 Keith Winstein,在 Hacker News 上的帳號名稱是 keithwinstein,可以用 Ctrl-F 翻一下他回應的東西。


I think the truth is that we don't feel like we need a release. We've never had a security hole, our track record speaks for itself, and I wouldn't really want us to rush anything and blow that. There are some features that it would be really nice to have in a release (like 24-bit color support, and working around a recent MacOS clock bug), but I handed over the maintainership to somebody else about six years ago and that person is currently, I think, dealing with a bunch of stuff (look around the world the last year...). I'm not eager to step back in and bigfoot them -- especially when I'm no longer particularly familiar with the codebase (and recent commits) as I used to be.

Mosh works as advertised and has never had a security hole -- we're pretty proud of that! We'll probably cut a release at some point to add those features (24-bit colors, the MacOS clock workaround) but I'm not feeling like it's urgent enough to upset what I had hoped was a transition plan.

It would feel arrogant to compare Mosh to TeX, but it doesn't seem that crazy to imagine that some software might reach a point where it has accomplished 95% of its goals, and the benefit from adding further features has to be weighed against the risk of introducing a security hole or other regression through further churn. If the TCP specification, or OpenSSH, or TeX, or GNU bash had canonical GitHub repositories, they would probably be full of a bunch of user support issues and inactive PRs too. :-)

看了一下 GitHubContributors 這頁,可能是 cgull

的確是一個很穩定的軟體,在桌機與筆電上面都用了八九年了,解決了網路切換 (或是不穩定) 的問題:「把 SSH 換成 Mosh」。

把 SSH 換成 Mosh

Mosh 是一個取代 SSH (OpenSSH) 的工具,官方網站上是這樣介紹:

Mosh is a replacement for SSH. It's more robust and responsive, especially over Wi-Fi, cellular, and long-distance links.

Mosh 最大的特性是透過 UDP 加密傳輸 (AES-128 OCB mode),而且不綁定 IP address 後設計出這些特性:

  • 筆電休眠後再打開電腦就可以直接連上。
  • 登入 VPN 造成 IP 改變後也沒關係。

另外 Mosh 模擬了 local echo 機制,就算在 latency 偏高的網路下也還是可以感覺到不錯的反應速度。

不過是到了 1.2 之後支援 --ssh 這個參數才變得好用,在 client 端只要這樣跑 (假設 ssh port 在 1234):

mosh --ssh="ssh -p 1234 -v" --server="env LANG=en_US.UTF-8 mosh-server"

Mosh 就會用 ssh 登入後自動執行 mosh-server 取得 shared key 給 mosh-client 用。如果本來就有使用 public key 機制的話就跟原來沒差了 :p

預設吃 port 60000-61000 其中的一個 UDP port,所以記得開 firewall...