Google 在南韓開放 app 裡面使用其他付款機制了

先前在「南韓對 Apple 與 Google 的 In-App 付款機制的提案」這邊提到南韓的法案將會強迫 AppleGoogle 開放 IAP 的通路,前幾天 Google 正式發出公告會支援其他通路了:「Enabling alternative billing systems for users in South Korea」。

不免俗的,還是會放話說一些 FUD

Alternative billing systems may not offer the same protections or payment options and features of Google Play's billing system—such as parental controls, family payment methods, subscription management, Google Play gift cards, and Play Points.


In the coming weeks and months, we will share implementation details for developers, including instructions for submitting security and customer service verifications and a set of user experience guidelines so users can make an informed choice.

但這應該是第一個強制開放的市場?來等後續 payment gateway 給的數字...

繞過 Web 上「防機器人」機制的資料

這兩天的 Hacker News 冒出一些討論在講 Web 上「防機器人」機制要怎麼繞過:

第一篇主要是從各種面向都一起討論,從大方向的分類討論 (「Where to begin building undetectable bot?」),另外介紹目前有哪些產品 (在「List of anti-bot software providers」這邊)。

在文章裡有提到一個有意思的工具「puppeteer-extra-plugin-stealth」,主要是在 Node.js 類的環境,查了一下在 Python 上也有 pyppeteer-stealth,不過 Python 版本直接講了不完美 XDDD

Transplanted from puppeteer-extra-plugin-stealth, Not perfect.

第二篇文章在開頭就提到他不是很愛 Proxy,因為 Proxy 很容易偵測。在文章最後面則是提到了兩個方案,第一個是用大量便宜的 Android 手機加上 Data SIM 來跑,另外一個是直接用 Android 模擬器加上 4G 網卡跑。

依照這些想法,好像可以來改善一下手上的 RSS 工具...

不使用 Google 服務的 Android 手機

一樣是在 Lobsters Daily 上翻到的,去 Google 服務的 Android 系統搞法:「Lineage with microG on a Sony XA2」。

主要是看關鍵字的部份,TWRP 換掉 recovery image,然後 LineageOS 是系統底,microG 是 open source 版本的 Google 專屬 API 的相容層,Magisk 則是負責 root 相關的事情,F-Droid 是 open source 軟體的 app store,可以用他來裝 Aurora Store,就可以裝 Play Store 裡的 app。

會這樣搞的人主要還是考慮到 privacy,可以預期有不少應用程式是不會動的...

jQuery UI 與 jQuery Mobile 進入維護模式

OpenJS Foundation (先前的 jQuery Foundation) 宣佈 jQuery UIjQuery Mobile 進入維護模式:「jQuery maintainers update and transition jQuery UI as part of overall modernization efforts」、「jQuery maintainers continue modernization initiative with deprecation of jQuery Mobile」。

jQuery UI is in maintenance-only mode. Users should not expect any new releases, though patches may be issued to resolve critical security, interoperability, or regression bugs.

The team announced that the cross-platform jQuery Mobile project under its umbrella is fully deprecated as of October 7, 2021.

應該就是沒有足夠的動能繼續開發了,維持個窗口在有 security issue 時處理...

很久沒出新版的 mosh...

在今天的 Hacker News Daily 上看到 mosh 的連結,看了一下 Hacker News 上的討論,發現原作者有上去跟大家討論一些目前的情況:「Mosh: The Mobile Shell (」。

原作者是 Keith Winstein,在 Hacker News 上的帳號名稱是 keithwinstein,可以用 Ctrl-F 翻一下他回應的東西。


I think the truth is that we don't feel like we need a release. We've never had a security hole, our track record speaks for itself, and I wouldn't really want us to rush anything and blow that. There are some features that it would be really nice to have in a release (like 24-bit color support, and working around a recent MacOS clock bug), but I handed over the maintainership to somebody else about six years ago and that person is currently, I think, dealing with a bunch of stuff (look around the world the last year...). I'm not eager to step back in and bigfoot them -- especially when I'm no longer particularly familiar with the codebase (and recent commits) as I used to be.

Mosh works as advertised and has never had a security hole -- we're pretty proud of that! We'll probably cut a release at some point to add those features (24-bit colors, the MacOS clock workaround) but I'm not feeling like it's urgent enough to upset what I had hoped was a transition plan.

It would feel arrogant to compare Mosh to TeX, but it doesn't seem that crazy to imagine that some software might reach a point where it has accomplished 95% of its goals, and the benefit from adding further features has to be weighed against the risk of introducing a security hole or other regression through further churn. If the TCP specification, or OpenSSH, or TeX, or GNU bash had canonical GitHub repositories, they would probably be full of a bunch of user support issues and inactive PRs too. :-)

看了一下 GitHubContributors 這頁,可能是 cgull

的確是一個很穩定的軟體,在桌機與筆電上面都用了八九年了,解決了網路切換 (或是不穩定) 的問題:「把 SSH 換成 Mosh」。

這大慨是我在 2021 年最想不到的事情:Google Chrome 加入 RSS 功能

看到「Google revives RSS」這篇,這大概是我在 2021 年最想不到的事情了:Google Chrome 加入 RSS reader 功能 (雖然很陽春)。

Google 的說明文在「An experiment in helping users and web publishers create deeper connections on Chrome」這邊。

目前只有美國的 Google Chrome Canary 用戶才有機會看到這個功能,依照官方的截圖應該是行動版?

把當年的 Google Reader 吐出來啊...

T-Mobile US 打算要賣使用者的瀏覽記錄了

全美第二大的 T-Mobile US 打算要賣使用者的瀏覽記錄了,除非你登入進去選擇退出:「T-Mobile to Step Up Ad Targeting of Cellphone Customers」,Hacker News 上的討論則可以看「T-Mobile to share customers' data with advertisers unless they opt out (」這邊。

The No. 2 U.S. carrier by subscribers said in a recent privacy-policy update that unless they opt out it will share customers’ web and mobile-app data with advertisers starting April 26.

這次的改變包括了 2020 年併購 Sprint 的使用者:

T-Mobile’s new policy will also cover Sprint customers acquired through the carriers’ 2020 merger. Sprint had previously shared similar data only from customers who opted into its third-party ad program.

所以連在美國都有 DNS over HTTPS (或是 DNS over TLS) 與 ESNI 需求了...

LastPass 開始進入「殺」的階段,免費使用者只能在一個平台上使用

LastPass 進入了「套養殺」最後一個階段「殺」,宣佈縮減 LastPass Free 的可用範圍。在 2021/03/16 開始 (一個月後),LastPass Free 的使用者只能選擇一個平台使用,像是「桌機平台」,或是「行動平台」:「LastPass’ free tier will become a lot less useful next month」,官方的新聞稿則是在「Changes to LastPass Free」這邊。

官方有提供第一年的限時優惠 (換算起來應該是一年 USD$27),但不給既有用戶,現有的用戶如果要的話得自己換帳號 export & import,不然就是用原價殺 (一年 USD$36):

If you’d like unlimited device type access and email support, you can upgrade from Free to LastPass Premium for a limited time, for $2.25 per month (billed annually). *

*Additional Terms and Conditions: Advertised price valid for new users on their first year of LastPass Premium. Price not valid for renewals or existing customers and cannot be used for other LastPass plans, products or services.


話說回來,這種東西我自己還是偏好用 open source 方案,然後自己搭同步機制,不過目前看到的方案在跨桌機平台與行動平台的確是痛點... 有需求的人應該還是會選 LastPass 或是 1Password 這樣的方案。

Mattermost 推出了 ESR 5.31

在「Support for ESR 5.25 is ending」這邊看到 Mattermost 新的 ESR (Extended Support Release) 釋出了,也就是 5.31 版。

不過看了一下發現 support 期間還是很短,一般的 release 是三個月,ESR 也才九個月:

另外一個大問題是在行動平台上多帳號的支援,官方在「Mobile Apps FAQ」有提到這個問題,然後也有解釋技術上的問題,不過從 issue tracking system 可以看到官方對這個 feature 進展不怎麼快:

At the moment, we only support connecting to one server at a time; however, we are aware that this is one of the top feature requests for the mobile app. We are currently investigating some technical challenges, such as how to handle push notifications coming from multiple servers. To follow our progress on this feature, you can join the RN: Multi-Server channel on our community server.


用 C 與 Makefile 開發的 Android 專案

上個禮拜在 Hacker News Daily 上看到「cnlohr/rawdrawandroid」這個專案:

Build android apps without any java, entirely in C and Make

看起來包括了 cross-compile 的支援,只要在 Makefile 裡面設定對應的平台就可以了:

You may want to support multiple platforms natively. Add the following to your Makefile: TARGETS:=makecapk/lib/arm64-v8a/lib$(APPNAME).so makecapk/lib/armeabi-v7a/lib$(APPNAME).so makecapk/lib/x86/lib$(APPNAME).so makecapk/lib/x86_64/lib$(APPNAME).so

當然專案的成熟度一定跟很多人用的 Android Studio 這些環境有差,但可以看出作者還是投入了不少精神在上面擴充各種可能性,可以看到這幾天還是一直有在修改文件與程式碼...

另外這個專案也試著讓使用者可以在 Windows 下使用 (透過 WSL 的實做)。