Amazon Route 53 增加了即時的 Query 數量資訊

AWSRoute 53 增加了 Query 數量的資訊 (加到 CloudWatch 內):「Amazon Route 53 Now Publishes Query Volume Metrics for Public Hosted Zones」。

下午的時候連進去看沒看到,回家後想起來 Route 53 是全球性服務,切到 us-east-1 上就看到了...

算是很基本的功能,這樣可以很方便的看一下使用情況,然後就可以透過這些資料調整 TTL,有些為了要快速切換的可以設短一點,有些不太變動但 query 量很大的則是要設長一點...

AWS CloudWatch 推出秒級的記錄功能

AWS CloudWatch 推出了秒級的記錄功能:「New – High-Resolution Custom Metrics and Alarms for Amazon CloudWatch」。

從一分鐘變成一秒鐘讓之後的調整以及 debug 好用很多... 不過這次支援秒級的是 custom metrics,原先 AWS 自家服務的支援不在這次範圍:

Today we are adding support for high-resolution custom metrics, with plans to add support for AWS services over time. Your applications can now publish metrics to CloudWatch with 1-second resolution.

另外 alarm 的時間可以降到十秒:

You can watch the metrics scroll across your screen seconds after they are published and you can set up high-resolution CloudWatch Alarms that evaluate as frequently as every 10 seconds.

對於市場上一堆服務的衝擊應該不小 XD

CloudWatch 的降價

更早之前就公告了,但剛剛才翻到:「AWS Price Reduction – CloudWatch Metrics」。

CloudWatch 從 2011 年這次的降幅算比較大的,最低的降幅都有 40%,而超過一萬個 metrics 的部分則是 80%,然後不同級距有不同降幅,最高到 96% (也就是原來的 4% 價錢)...

Amazon EC2 的 CloudWatch 用了七個 metrics,所以如果有開 CloudWatch 進階版本的情況下,價錢從 $3.50 降到 $2.10:

If you have EC2 Detailed Monitoring enabled you will also see a price reduction with per-month charges reduced from $3.50 per instance per month to $2.10 or lower based on the volume tier.