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Vultr 也推出 Bare Metal 的機器了

在 AWS 推出 Bare Metal 版本的 Instance 後 (參考「Amazon EC2 推出第一款 Bare Metal 的 Instance」),Vultr 也推出 Bare Metal 機器了:「Deploy Bare Metal Cloud Servers With Vultr!」。 目前先在新加坡推出,之後會再往其他地區推出 : We are first introducing bare metal in Singapore and more locations will be … Continue reading

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Amazon EC2 推出第一款 Bare Metal 的 Instance

Amazon EC2 直接租整台主機出來了:「Amazon EC2 Bare Metal Instances with Direct Access to Hardware」。 Bare Metal 怎麼翻譯比較好啊?雖然知道是拔掉虛擬化的主機... 裸奔機? We knew that other customers also had interesting use cases for bare metal hardware and didn’t want to take the performance hit of nested … Continue reading

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