AWS Elemental Link:直接把影音訊號丟到雲端的硬體

AWS 推出了 Live 用的硬體設備 AWS Elemental Link,可以直接將影音訊號轉完後丟到 AWS 自家的 AWS Elemental MediaLive 服務上:「New – AWS Elemental Link – Deliver Live Video to the Cloud for Events & Streams」。

機器很輕 (450g) 也不大 (32 立方英呎,大約 524 立方公分):

界面上吃 Live 領域常用的 SDI (3G-SDI) 或是 HDMI,規格上只能轉 1080p60 (剛好也是 3G-SDI 的上限),然後設備除了透過一般電力供電以外,也可以用 PoE 供電,可以少接一條電源線:

Link takes a single video input as a source and sends a single video output up to 1080p 60fps to AWS Elemental MediaLive. Set up requires three connections to begin streaming video to MediaLive: a power source, an IP network, and a 3G-SDI or an HDMI video source. Link also supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) so you can use as few as two cables.

價位上是賣 USD$995,但對於有 SDI 類的設備價錢不熟。看了一下旁邊棚子 Blackmagic Design 的產品,好像沒看到類似可以直接送到網路服務的產品...

AWS 推出了 Live 時全自動上字幕的功能

AWS 推出了在直播時就自動上字幕的功能:「Introducing Live Streaming with Automated Multi-Language Subtitling」,其實就是把現有的服務兜出來:「Live Streaming with Automated Multi-Language Subtitling」。

The solution deploys Live Streaming on AWS which includes AWS Elemental MediaLive, MediaPackage, Amazon CloudFront. The solution also deploys AWS Lambda, Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon Transcribe, and Amazon Translate.


AWS Media Services 推出一卡車與影音相關的服務...

AWS 推出了一連串 AWS Elemental MediaOOXX 一連串影音相關的服務:「AWS Media Services – Process, Store, and Monetize Cloud-Based Video」。

但不是所有的服務都是相同的區域... 公告分別在:

不過這邊還是引用 Jeff Barr 文章裡的說明,可以看到從很源頭的 transencoding 到 DRM,以及 Live 格式,到後續的檔案儲存及後製 (像是上廣告) 都有:

AWS Elemental MediaConvert – File-based transcoding for OTT, broadcast, or archiving, with support for a long list of formats and codecs. Features include multi-channel audio, graphic overlays, closed captioning, and several DRM options.

AWS Elemental MediaLive – Live encoding to deliver video streams in real time to both televisions and multiscreen devices. Allows you to deploy highly reliable live channels in minutes, with full control over encoding parameters. It supports ad insertion, multi-channel audio, graphic overlays, and closed captioning.

AWS Elemental MediaPackage – Video origination and just-in-time packaging. Starting from a single input, produces output for multiple devices representing a long list of current and legacy formats. Supports multiple monetization models, time-shifted live streaming, ad insertion, DRM, and blackout management.

AWS Elemental MediaStore – Media-optimized storage that enables high performance and low latency applications such as live streaming, while taking advantage of the scale and durability of Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).

AWS Elemental MediaTailor – Monetization service that supports ad serving and server-side ad insertion, a broad range of devices, transcoding, and accurate reporting of server-side and client-side ad insertion.

引個前同事的 tweet,先不說 Amazon SWF 的情況 (畢竟 Amazon SWF 還可以找到其他用途),倒是 Amazon Elastic Transcoder 很明顯要被淘汰掉了:

這種整個大包的東西是 AWS re:Invent 才有的能量,平常比較少看到...