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從「Balls to learning how to animate, let's film some parkour!」這篇看到讓人懷念的遊戲,1989 年的《波斯王子》:

Jordan Mechner (波斯王子的作者) 用 Rotoscoping 的方式將他弟弟做這些動作的畫面拍下來,然後確保在電腦上角色的動作是順暢的:

Here's the source frames used to rotoscope the above animation. Don't let the ghostly pallor fool you! Jordan Mechner's brother is in fact quite healthy; he was altered with state-of-the-art Liquid Paper and Sharpie technology to fit the palette restrictions of the Apple II.

而波斯王子的原始程式碼在 2012 的時候也從 3.5 吋磁片上順利拉出來,放到 GitHub 上:「jmechner/Prince-of-Persia-Apple-II」。

Thanks to Jason Scott and Tony Diaz for successfully extracting the source code from a 22-year-old 3.5" floppy disk archive, a task that took most of a long day and night, and would have taken much longer if not for Tony's incredible expertise, perseverence, and well-maintained collection of vintage Apple hardware.