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Yahoo! 的資料外洩數量超過之前公佈的十億筆,上升到三十億筆

Oath (Y! 的新東家,Verizon 持股) 發表了新的通報,外洩數量直接上升到 3 billion 了:「Yahoo provides notice to additional users affected by previously disclosed 2013 data theft」。


Subsequent to Yahoo's acquisition by Verizon, and during integration, the company recently obtained new intelligence and now believes, following an investigation with the assistance of outside forensic experts, that all Yahoo user accounts were affected by the August 2013 theft.

在「Yahoo says all 3 billion user accounts were impacted by 2013 security breach」這邊的報導則是寫的比較清楚,把當時的使用者數字翻出來:

Yahoo today announced that the huge data breach in August 2013 affected every user on its service — that’s all three billion user accounts and up from the initial one billion figure Yahoo initially reported.

2013 這包用的是 MD5 hash,以現在的運算能力來看,可以當作沒有 hash...:

The stolen user account information may have included names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, hashed passwords (using MD5) and, in some cases, encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers.

已經是 "all" 了,接下來要更大包只能是其他主題了...

歡樂的 md5crypt 密碼...

作者寫了一篇關於以前在 WHOIS 記錄上看到一串 $1$ 開頭的 md5crypt 密碼 XDDD:「I mean, why not tell everyone our password hashes?」。

Now the fields are filtered but this is a reasonably recent change. Prior to July 2015 the hashed passwords were shown to anyone who whois’d the maintainer object and used md5 passwords. Which was nearly all of them in my experience.

Mntner:         DTAG-NIC
Descr:          Deutsche Telekom Internet Services NIC
Admin-c:        KK281-RIPE
Tech-c:         HI56-RIPE
Auth:           MD5-PW $1$KQ3NSRfS$/bcvLAz2BKyf5HF4VkPMh/
Mnt-by:         DTAG-NIC
Referral-by:    RIPE-DBM-MNT

不知道有沒有人去跑看看... XD

話說 md5crypt 已經被認為不安全 (當初的發明人 phk 也有出來建議大家換掉了:「Md5crypt Password scrambler is no longer considered safe by author」),從目前 Hashcat 的攻擊速度就可以看出來... 找個最近的例子來說,可以參考「8x Nvidia GTX 1080 Hashcat Benchmarks」這篇。

Hashtype: md5crypt, MD5(Unix), FreeBSD MD5, Cisco-IOS MD5

Speed.Dev.#1.:  9918.1 kH/s (97.10ms)
Speed.Dev.#2.:  9830.1 kH/s (97.70ms)
Speed.Dev.#3.: 10017.4 kH/s (97.36ms)
Speed.Dev.#4.:  9986.5 kH/s (96.92ms)
Speed.Dev.#5.:  9976.8 kH/s (97.74ms)
Speed.Dev.#6.:  9889.2 kH/s (97.29ms)
Speed.Dev.#7.: 10010.5 kH/s (97.40ms)
Speed.Dev.#8.: 10083.0 kH/s (96.94ms)
Speed.Dev.#*.: 79711.6 kH/s

而隔壁的 bcrypt 對 Hashcat 的防禦性完全在不同等級:

Hashtype: bcrypt, Blowfish(OpenBSD)

Speed.Dev.#1.:    13094 H/s (47.51ms)
Speed.Dev.#2.:    13076 H/s (47.63ms)
Speed.Dev.#3.:    13292 H/s (46.88ms)
Speed.Dev.#4.:    13250 H/s (47.17ms)
Speed.Dev.#5.:    13296 H/s (46.86ms)
Speed.Dev.#6.:    13160 H/s (47.30ms)
Speed.Dev.#7.:    13260 H/s (46.98ms)
Speed.Dev.#8.:    13280 H/s (46.80ms)
Speed.Dev.#*.:   105.7 kH/s

直接相除是 754 倍左右。

以 85 個字元的組合計算 ([0-9A-Za-z] 62 個,特殊字元 22 個,加上空白 1 個),抗性多了 1.5 個字 (log85(754) 大約是 1.49)?如果以 62 個字元來看也有 1.6 個字,強了不少...

用 Amazon EC2 的 GPU instance 計算 MD5 collision

在「Create your own MD5 collisions」這篇教你用 Amazon EC2 的 GPU instance 計算 MD5 collision。

由於不是什麼正式的服務,文章裡介紹你用 Spot instance 開機器,會便宜不少。可以看到最後的結果:


gslin@GSLIN-DESKTOP [~/tmp] [13:16/W3] md5sum *.jpg
253dd04e87492e4fc3471de5e776bc3d  plane.jpg
253dd04e87492e4fc3471de5e776bc3d  ship.jpg

屬於 chosen prefix collision 的攻擊。

htpasswd 的 SHA 不會帶 salt (seed)...

剛剛發現 htpasswd (Apache.htpasswd 檔案產生程式) 提供的 SHA-1 不會使用 salt,不過 MD5 格式會...


gslin@colo-p [~] [17:44/W7] touch test.txt
gslin@colo-p [~] [17:44/W7] htpasswd -b -m test.txt test1 test
Adding password for user test1
gslin@colo-p [~] [17:44/W7] htpasswd -b -m test.txt test2 test
Adding password for user test2
gslin@colo-p [~] [17:44/W7] htpasswd -b -s test.txt test3 test
Adding password for user test3
gslin@colo-p [~] [17:44/W7] htpasswd -b -s test.txt test4 test
Adding password for user test4



依照說明,htpasswd 使用的 SHA 是移植自 Netscape server 的 LDAP Directory Interchange Format (ldif):

Use SHA encryption for passwords. Facilitates migration from/to Netscape servers using the LDAP Directory Interchange Format (ldif).

在安全疑慮 (Security Considerations) 上也有註明 htpasswd 使用的 SHA 是不帶 salt:

The SHA encryption format does not use salting: for a given password, there is only one encrypted representation.

現在密碼儲存應該是朝 bcryptPBKDF2 發展,參考依林姊姊的「請愛用 bcrypt 和 PBKDF2」,後者 PBKDF2 被用在 WPA2 上。

FreeBSD Ports System 拿掉 MD5 檢查了...

在「MD5 for distinfo has been deprecated」這邊看到 FreeBSD Ports System 拿掉 MD5 檢查了 (會被忽略而不檢查)。

PR (Problem Report) 可以在「ports/149657: [bsd.port.mk] deprecate MD5 checksums in distinfo」查到。

翻了 cvs log,SHA256 是五年前 (2005) 加到 bsd.ports.mk 的:「Diff for /ports/Mk/bsd.port.mk between versions 1.517 and 1.518」,總算在今天把 MD5 取代了:「Diff for /ports/Mk/bsd.port.mk between versions 1.651 and 1.652」。