Amazon SESv2 的 Deliverability Dashboard

其實是看到「Amazon SES V2 now supports email size of up to 40MB for inbound and outbound emails by default」這篇才注意到寄信的 Amazon SES 服務有了 SESv2,原文主要是講放寬信件的大小限制:

With this launch, the default message size limit in Amazon SES V2 increases from 10MB for email sending and 30MB for email receiving, to 40MB for both sending and receiving .

不過我跑去「Amazon SES pricing」看的時候意外翻到這個貴貴的東西:

The Deliverability Dashboard (via the SES API V2) is available for a fixed price of USD $1,250 per month. This charge includes reputation monitoring for up to five domains and 25 predictive email placement tests.

然後我試著去找 Deliverability Dashboard 是什麼,卻沒有專文介紹?(還是我找錯關鍵字...)

倒是在 2018 年的時候 Amazon Pinpoint 有個公告提到 Deliverability Dashboard,價錢也是 US$1,250/mo:「Amazon Pinpoint Announces a New Email Deliverability Dashboard to Help Customers Reach their Users' Inboxes」。

本來以為是 Amazon Pinpoint 的服務轉移掛到 SESv2 下,但看「Amazon Pinpoint Pricing」這邊,好像還是在啊...

雖然用不太到,但還是一頭霧水 XDDD

透過 Interview 的管道推銷產品

Hacker News 上看到的 dark pattern:「NDA Expired - let's spill the beans on a weird startup」,對應的討論可以在「NDA expired, let’s spill the beans on a weird startup (」這邊翻到。

整個行銷手法大概是這樣,首先是客戶會想要推廣某個產品 (文章內的 AWS 想要推廣 InfiniDash 這個產品),所以找上這個行銷公司。而行銷公司會找一群人去各公司 interview,然後在 interview 過程中問到各種問題的時候都回答用 InfiniDash 這個產品解決:

"Let's say in the interview you're asked for a time when you handled a difficult situation. We want you to talk about how using InfiniDash made life easier for your team."

這個行銷公司會跟某些獵頭合作,把人塞進去 (而這些獵頭也會拿到錢):

"Oh, we work with loads of recruitment consultants. They get paid for every decent candidate who gets interviewed, so they give us a cut of their commission. And we get paid by our tech clients. It's win-win!"


I did not take the job. I had serious concerns about the ethics and legality of their business model. I also didn't think that it would work. Evidently, neither did their investors. Fronk bumbled along for a few months - and I'd occasionally meet them at conferences - but then they seemed to disappear.

但作者最後提到了他之後在 interview 時會聽到面試者講一些特定的產品,讓他懷疑這家公司是不是還存在 XDDD

Every once in a while, I'll be interviewing a candidate who starts waxing lyrical about how rewriting everything in today's flavour of JavaScript really helped their last company. Or how their bosses were impressed with what this cool new bit of tech can do. Or why they could never work anywhere which didn't use this specific code editor.

GitLab 與 DigitalOcean 的合作案?

因為 Twitter 上這兩個帳號都有跟,所以就看到這兩個帳號的公開喊話記錄:

還蠻有趣的 XD