Kaspersky Password Manager 的漏洞

Hacker News Daily 上看到「Kaspersky Password Manager: All your passwords are belong to us」這篇,講 Kaspersky Password Manager (KPM) 嚴重的安全漏洞,另外在 Hacker News 上的討論「Kaspersky Password Manager: All your passwords are belong to us (ledger.com)」也有提到一些有趣的東西。

標題的 All your passwords are belong to us 是出自「All your base are belong to us」這個梗的變形。

這包安全問題主要的原因是因為 KPM 沒有使用 CSPRNG,而且也沒有正確 seed,所以極為容易被猜出密碼本身。

KPM 的 Web 版使用了 Math.random(),在各家瀏覽器主要是用 xorshift128+ 實做 Math.random(),作者沒有針對這塊再花時間研究,但很明顯的 Math.random() 不是個 CSPRNG:

The underlying PRNG used by Chrome, Firefox and Safari for Math.random() is xorshift128+. It is very fast, but not suitable to generate cryptographic material. The security consequences in KPM has not been studied, but we advised Kaspersky to replace it with window.crypto.getRandomValues(), as recommended by the Mozilla documentation page previously mentioned.

Note: Math.random() does not provide cryptographically secure random numbers. Do not use them for anything related to security. Use the Web Crypto API instead, and more precisely the window.crypto.getRandomValues() method.

而桌機版則是用了 MT19937,理論上取得 624 bytes 的輸出後就可以重建整個 PRNG 的內部狀態 (於是就可以預測後續的 output),但這代表你要知道其他網站的密碼,這點其實有點困難。

但作者發現 KPM 在產生 MT19937 的 seed 只跟時間有關,超級容易被預測:

So the seed used to generate every password is the current system time, in seconds. It means every instance of Kaspersky Password Manager in the world will generate the exact same password at a given second.


The consequences are obviously bad: every password could be bruteforced. For example, there are 315619200 seconds between 2010 and 2021, so KPM could generate at most 315619200 passwords for a given charset. Bruteforcing them takes a few minutes.

Hacker News 上有不少陰謀論的討論,像是:

Getting some DUAL_EC prng vibes.

Insert Kaspersky owned by Russia intelligence conspiracy here...

另外 Kaspersky 跟俄羅斯軍方的關係也是很知名,這些東西大概要到十來年後才會知道...

Reddit 的前 EM 提到 Reddit 用的 Dark Pattern

Hacker News Daily 上看到「Reddit's disrespectful design」這個,在講 Reddit 用到的 dark pattern, 不過我覺得更棒的是在 Hacker News 上的討論:「Reddit’s disrespectful design (ognjen.io)」。

討論裡面出現了之前在 Reddit 裡面負責這塊的 EM (engineer manager),wting

I was the EM for Reddit's Growth team around this time. I am responsible for / contributed to a few features like the current signup flow, AMP pages, push notifications, email digests, app download interstitials, etc.

然後他提到他當初拒絕實做其中一些 dark pattern,然後在經過 [0] 的事情後,他決定換團隊:

There was a new product lead who joined with many good ideas, but some of them were dark patterns that I heavily protested. After a few months of this, it was obvious that I was going to be reigned in or let go[0]; I immediately transferred to a different org.

其中 [0] 的部份是,公司把他 reporting line 改成到 product lead XDDD

0: They changed it so I would report to the product lead, which is odd for an EM to report into a product chain and the only instance within the company ever.


Now let me explain the other side of the story. 4 years later, Reddit's DAU, MAU, and revenue have all grown at ridiculous rates[1]. Yes, power users complain—and still continue using the site—but the casual user does not. These dark patterns have been normalized on other websites.

These practices are done because it works.

1: Many friends are startup founders and I've been at a few startups myself—a byproduct of being in the Bay Area—and Reddit's growth numbers are impressive. As a former employee, I am quite happy about my equity growth.

這幾乎是共識了,dark pattern 看起來很邪惡沒錯,但他就是有用...

AWS 推出 Incident Manager 服務

AWS 推出了 Incident Manager 服務,掛在 AWS Systems Manager 下,這類似於 PagerDuty 這類的服務:「Resolve IT Incidents Faster with Incident Manager, a New Capability of AWS Systems Manager」。

比較特別的是費用的部份,可以參考「AWS Systems Manager pricing」這邊的資料,他是依照 incident 的次數算錢,每個 incident 算 USD$7,另外加上對應的 SMS 或是 voice message 費用。

回頭來看 PagerDuty 的部份,費用的部份是以人頭計算,Business Plan 是 USD$39/user/month,然後已經包括括無限數量的 SMS 通知了。

功能上看起來 PagerDuty 還是比較好,Incident Manager 如果要把外部服務拉進來的話看起來得透過 EventBridge 去接,麻煩不少...

Dropbox 也要搞自己的密碼管理器

Dropbox 也要搞自己的密碼管理器 Dropbox Passwords:「Dropbox Passwords coming soon for all users」。

看起來只要是 Dropbox 的付費方案就可以無限使用,而免費版的則是 50 組。從下載頁看起來目前在 PC 上只支援 Microsoft WindowsmacOS,不支援 Linux

Come back to this page on a PC with Windows 10 or a Mac with at least macOS Sierra 10.12 to get the Passwords desktop app.

而行動平台就是 iOSAndroid

How do I use the Android and iPhone password manager?

Once you sign in to the Passwords app, it automatically fills in your usernames and passwords so you can access frequently used apps and websites on your mobile device.

從示意圖看起來有整合瀏覽器,而加密技術的部份沒有講太多,只說是 zero-knowledge encryption,先觀望看看...

LastPass 的 Android App 的資安問題

Hacker News Daily 上看到的,LastPass 的 Android App「LastPass Password Manager」裡面引用了大量的 SDK,引起不少人的資安疑慮:「LastPass Android app has got 7 trackers in it (eu.org)」。

裡面有七個 tracker,看了一下大概知道想要做什麼,但如果以一個資安為主打的 app,其中的 Google Tag Manager 讓人不怎麼舒服,基本上就是個 Remote code execution 的後門,光就這點能不要用就不要用...

我自己還是儘可能不要依照這些 vendor,繼續用 KeePassXC 加上同步機制,不過這對於一般人來說麻煩了不少...

LastPass 開始進入「殺」的階段,免費使用者只能在一個平台上使用

LastPass 進入了「套養殺」最後一個階段「殺」,宣佈縮減 LastPass Free 的可用範圍。在 2021/03/16 開始 (一個月後),LastPass Free 的使用者只能選擇一個平台使用,像是「桌機平台」,或是「行動平台」:「LastPass’ free tier will become a lot less useful next month」,官方的新聞稿則是在「Changes to LastPass Free」這邊。

官方有提供第一年的限時優惠 (換算起來應該是一年 USD$27),但不給既有用戶,現有的用戶如果要的話得自己換帳號 export & import,不然就是用原價殺 (一年 USD$36):

If you’d like unlimited device type access and email support, you can upgrade from Free to LastPass Premium for a limited time, for $2.25 per month (billed annually). *

*Additional Terms and Conditions: Advertised price valid for new users on their first year of LastPass Premium. Price not valid for renewals or existing customers and cannot be used for other LastPass plans, products or services.


話說回來,這種東西我自己還是偏好用 open source 方案,然後自己搭同步機制,不過目前看到的方案在跨桌機平台與行動平台的確是痛點... 有需求的人應該還是會選 LastPass 或是 1Password 這樣的方案。

AWS System Manager 支援 SSH 的 -L 功能 (Port Forwarding)

AWS System Manager 宣佈支援了 SSH Port Forwarding 的功能 (也就是 OpenSSH 指令裡的 -L):「New – Port Forwarding Using AWS System Manager Sessions Manager」。

以往是連到那台主機上後,再透過 -R 反過來再穿一層,但這必須在那台機器有 Internet 存取權限的情況下才有辦法做... 這次的方法是 AWS System Manager 直接提供了,所以只需要可以連到主機就可以做。

可以用 IAM 控管的 AWS Instance Connect (透過 SSH 機制)

除了本來的 Systems Manager 可以在 EC2 的機器上開 shell 管理外,現在 AWS 推出了 EC2 Instance Connect,可以直接綁 IAM 的權限管理:「Introducing Amazon EC2 Instance Connect」。

With EC2 Instance Connect, you can control SSH access to your instances using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies as well as audit connection requests with AWS CloudTrail events. In addition, you can leverage your existing SSH keys or further enhance your security posture by generating one-time use SSH keys each time an authorized user connects. Instance Connect works with any SSH client, or you can easily connect to your instances from a new browser-based SSH experience in the EC2 console.

除了記錄外,也包含了一些安全機制,像是可以選擇一次性的帳號... 跟先前的 Systems Manager 比起來,主要是能用習慣的 terminal software 還是比較爽?

Amazon CloudFront 要增加自訂網域名稱需要先過認證...


AWS 宣佈 CloudFront 增加自訂網域名稱需要先過認證才能啟用:「Amazon CloudFront enhances the security for adding alternate domain names to a distribution」,也就是把自己的 domain name 掛到 CloudFront 上需要先認證過。

這邊的認證需要用公開被信任的 SSL Certificate,而大多數人應該會直接拿 AWS 提供的 ACM 來用:

With this change, when you add an alternate domain name using the AWS Management Console or the CloudFront API, you will now need to attach a certificate to the distribution to confirm that you have authorized rights to use the alternate domain name. The certificate must be valid and come from a publicly trusted Certificate Authority like AWS Certificate Manager which provides public SSL/TLS certificates for free.

申請 ACM 也需要確認身分,印象中沒記錯的話是透過 DNS 或是 e-mail 認證。

會有這個改變是因為有一個 DDoS 的攻擊手法可以「造成困擾」。在沒有認證就可以增加網域名稱的情況下 (假設是 assets.gslin.com),AWS 需要把不同帳號設定同一組 domain name (assets.gslin.com) 的 IP address 分開,這樣才能確保安全性。而 IPv4 address 是有限的,用很多帳號申請就有機會讓真正的 assets.gslin.com 擁有人想要用的時候沒有資源可以用。

其實在 Route53 也有類似的問題,但因為是個雞生蛋蛋生雞的問題,就更不好解決了,在 DNS 還沒設定好之前要怎麼確認身分是一個更頭痛的問題... e-mail 認證可能是一個方法,但流程上就多了不少步驟。

AWS 給 EBS 用的 Data Lifecycle Manager 在東京可以用了?

先前在「Amazon EBS Snapshot 支援 Lifecycle Management」這邊提到 AWS 設計了 Data Lifecycle Manager,讓 EBS 磁碟可以自動產生 snapshot 並且管理保留份數,可以當作某種備份機制。


Availability – Data Lifecycle Manager is available in the US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), and Europe (Ireland) Regions.

剛剛發現在東京也已經可以用了?但好像沒看到有公告提過... 設下去看看會不會動好了。