Amazon EC2 補產品線:M5 也有 NVMe 的 SSD local disk 可以用了

Amazon EC2 對 M5 instance 推出了帶 NVMe SSD 的版本:「EC2 Instance Update – M5 Instances with Local NVMe Storage (M5d)」。先推出歐美的區域:

M5d instances are available in On-Demand, Reserved Instance, and Spot form in the US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland), US East (Ohio), and Canada (Central) Regions. Prices vary by Region, and are just a bit higher than for the equivalent M5 instances.

算是 M3 系列的後繼產品?對應到四年前推出的 m3.medium 是 1 vCPU、3.75GB RAM 以及 8GB SSD (不過 m3.large 就變成 2 vCPU、7.5GB RAM 與 32GB SSD,硬碟的部份多了不少)。

這樣 M5 就更全面了...