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Uber 在倫敦將會被停業

Uber 在倫敦將會被停業:「Uber has license to operate in London revoked」、「London regulator announces Uber ban」、「Uber London loses licence to operate」。

更精確的說是不再續發 license,舊的 license 只到 9/30:

Transport for London (TfL), which operates public transport in the capital, has made the decision not to renew the app-based taxi’s license in the city.

The license was renewed in May, but for a period of only five months. It will run out on 30th September, though the company will be allowed to continue to operate during the appeal process.

看起來主要原因是圍繞於 Greyball (利用演算法躲避執法人員的工具):

According to the TfL regulatory board, the ‘approach and conduct’ of Uber showed a lack of corporate responsibility, which could have resulted in public safety and security issues. It also raised concerns with the company’s ‘approach to explaining the use of Greyball, software that could be used to block regulatory bodies from gaining full access to the app.’

新任 CEO 則是出來道歉:「Uber CEO apologizes for “mistakes” in London」。

其實是利益團體之間的衝突... 這戲還在繼續演。

AWS 英國區開放使用

如同先前規劃的時程,AWS 的英國區正式開放 (代碼 eu-west-2):「Now Open – AWS London Region」。

這樣歐洲也有三個區可以用了 (另外兩個是法國與愛爾蘭),不過如果要進歐洲東部低區的話,不知道要挑哪一個點比較好...

DigitalOcean 倫敦機房

DigitalOcean 宣佈了倫敦機房 (代號 LON1):「Introducing Our London Region (LON1)」。

這是歐洲的第二個地區,第一個是荷蘭 Amsterdam。

雖然官方沒有說,但 routing 的部份可以用 speedtest-lon1.digitalocean.com 測試。看起來初期的 routing 都還沒有 tune 好 XD

從加州的 DigitalOcean 機房測試,發現會走 NTT 的線路,先走到 NTT 在 Amsterdam 的點再到英國 (喂喂)。