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Linode 要推出「Linode Block Storage」了...

從「Linode Block Storage (Fremont beta)」這邊可以看到 Linode 推出 Block Storage 了,是 SSD-based,跟 Amazon EBS 的 gp2 也是 SSD-based 相同。

計價方式,價錢也相同,沒有 I/O fee:

They're affordable - $0.10 per GB (free during the beta) and no usage fees.

目前能從 1GB 開到 1TB:

How big of a Volume can I create?
Between 1 GB and 1024 GB for now. After the beta, the max volume size may be larger.

單台可以掛 8 個:

How many Volumes can I attach to a Linode at the same time?
Up to 8.

然後 2018 開始收費:

The beta is free through 2017. January 1, 2018 the meter starts running.

有了 Block Storage 後有些事情就比較好搭出來了,也不會受限於 local disk 的空間大小。

Delicious 轉移到實體機器上...

在「Pinboard 收購 Delicious」這邊提到了 Pinboard 買下 Delicious 的事情,而剛剛在 Twitter 上看到費用:

順便打算把機器從 Linode 轉到實體機器上,原來 Delicious 之前在 Linode 上的費用也不怎麼便宜... (不過現在看起來還是放在 Linode 上面)


Linode 推出 $5/month 方案,DigitalOcean 推出 load balancer

LinodeDigitalOcean 這兩家有名的 VPS 都推出新的功能:「High-Memory Instances and $5 Linodes」、「Load Balancers: Simplifying High Availability」。

Linode 另外將 $10/month 方案的硬碟空間加大:

And finally, the existing Linode 2GB ($10/mo) plan is receiving a free storage upgrade from 24GiB to 30GiB.

本來對外的速度限制在 125Mbps max 拉到 1000Mbps:(本來的資料可以參考之前的頁面)

And finally finally, we’ve also increased the outbound network speed limit on all plans to be at minimum 1000 Mbits. Existing Linodes will need to reboot to pick up the new value, that’s it!

Linode 東京二號機房開幕

大家等 Linode 的東京新機房很久了,總算是開了:「New Linode Datacenter: Tokyo 2」。

在 comment 有特別提到東京一號機房不會擴充:

Tokyo 1 is at capacity and we have no plans to add any additional. You will need to move out of Tokyo 1 for plan upgrades, KVM, newest hardware, and so on.

該來搬了 XDDD

Linode 東京第二機房的訪談 (a.k.a. PR 稿)

前幾天提到的「Linode 東京機房擴充的工作...」,這幾天 Linode 就開始發 PR 稿造勢了:「Behind The Scenes: Details About Upcoming Tokyo 2 DC Launch」,把重點拉出來。

新機房在品川 (Shinagawa),原文應該是打錯了 (n 跟 b 差一格而已):

Linode will be opening a new datacenter in Shibagawa ward, Tokyo, Japan, this fall and I was able to interview Linode’s datacenter operations manager, Brett Kaplan, who answered questions I asked regarding the upcoming Tokyo datacenter launch.

目標在 2016Q4 上線:

Soh: Can you say when this new datacenter is expected to come online?
Brett: We are hoping to launch later in Q4 this year.

用的是 Equinix 的機房:(然後這邊的 Shinagawa 是對的 XD)

Soh: So, where did you decide to establish the second Tokyo location?
Brett: We are utilizing an Equinix datacenter in Shinagawa ward Tokyo, Japan.

這樣看起來應該是「Tokyo TY2 Network Interconnection」這個...

Blog 換 Hosting...

早上花了點時間,把 blog 從 DigitalOcean 搬到 Vultr 上了...

本來是打算要換到 Linode 上,但 Linode 最小台的機器太大台了 (2GB RAM),還是找了其他方案來用,看了看就挑 Vultr 了,用 768MB RAM 的方案,跟之前 DigitalOcean 相比多了一些 RAM 可以用...

順便趁機把系統換成 Ubuntu 16.04 跟 MySQL 5.7,現在用了六個小時,感覺還不錯...?

Linode 收 PayPal 了,只是...

Linode 宣佈支援 PayPal 了:「PayPal Payments」,只是:

While any customer can use PayPal to fund their account, new customers will still need to sign up using a credit card. You can use PayPal from then on.


This is in part because we don’t yet have the ability to automatically transfer funds from PayPal. If you intend on paying only via PayPal, you will need to ensure that you have enough credit on your Linode account to cover your next invoice. Otherwise, our system will attempt to collect any remaining balance from the credit card you have on file.

這理由爛爆了 XDDD

Linode 記憶體升級,以及新的日本機房計畫

Linode 的 13 歲禮物:「Linode’s 13th Birthday – Gifts for All!」。包括了記憶體的升級計畫:

Old PlanNew PlanPrice
Linode 1 GBLinode 2 GB$10/mo ($0.015/hr)
Linode 2 GBLinode 4 GB$20/mo ($0.03/hr)
Linode 4 GBLinode 8 GB$40/mo ($0.06/hr)
Linode 8 GBLinode 12 GB$80/mo ($0.12/hr)
Linode 16 GBLinode 24 GB$160/mo ($0.24/hr)
Linode 32 GBLinode 48 GB$320/mo ($0.48/hr)
Linode 48 GBLinode 64 GB$480/mo ($0.72/hr)
Linode 64 GBLinode 80 GB$640/mo ($0.96/hr)
Linode 96 GBLinode 120 GB$960/mo ($1.44/hr)

比較小的機器都是 double RAM,比較大的機器就沒那麼明顯了... 但這樣就超越 DigitalOcean 的規格,而且還領先其他 VPS 不少。


Unfortunately, since Tokyo is sold out, the upgrade is not available there. We hope to have our second Tokyo facility online before the end of the year.

是個好消息 XD