Rasmus 的平價 VPS 測試

Rasmus Lerdorf 整理的資料 (就是生出 PHP 的那個 @rasmus),關於平價 VPS 的測試:「Low-Cost VPS Testing」。

因為是 PHP 的大頭,所以把編 PHP 當作是 benchmark 的項目之一也不算太意外。另外還是有比較常見的 dd 與 iperf3 測試資料可以看。


Rasmus Lerdorf 關於 VPS 的介紹測試...

Rasmus LerdorfPHP 的發明人,純粹是有趣的角度看這篇文章:「Testing VPS solutions」。

文章裡比較了十家 VPS 或是可以當作 VPS 的雲服務商,先直接講重點,看起來他最後選了 Vultr

A serious competitor to Digital Ocean. I would use this.

不過 Vultr 有個讓人不太舒服的地方 (對我而言) 是登入機制沒有 2FA,所以只能透過 Password Manager 用強密碼保護。不過除此之外都還算不錯。

不過既然是 Rasmus,在提到 MicrosoftAzure 才會是重點 XDDD:

This one was painful. Yes, I have a bit of a Microsoft aversion, but I tried to keep an open mind. Read the full description of my Azure adventure. Expensive, apparently no IPv6, slow disk IO, and I couldn't figure out block storage options. Definitely not for me.

然後在測試 Azure 時的評語就更酸了:

Oh Azure! This one is going to get a bit ranty. I Spent a good 20 minutes clicking around the provisioning Web UI. To be fair, it is more geared to people needing to provision a lot of servers. Doing a single one like this is not the target audience as far as I can tell. But still, instead of presenting a couple of standard options and a way to build your own custom config, Azure gives you 92 options (depending on which region you select):


I also got super lost trying to figure out what it would cost to bring the VPS up to 500 GB of persistent storage. And then to make things even more confusing, when I started the virtual machine creation process and came to the "Choose your virtual machine size" step, I got a bunch of different options not included in the above list with most of them listed as "Not Available" including both the A4 v2 and F4 options I had so carefully located.

然後還有奇怪的 agent 在跑:

The Azure VPS also had the heaviest provisioning agent of all the ones I tested. It looks like it is doing a heartbeat once per second and doing a (non-ssl) GET request to an IIS server upstream asking it for a "GoalState". I listened and checked what the IIS server responded with. The response from the management server is in the GoalState addendum below. It is mostly self-explanatory, I think.

相較於其他家 VPS 的評測,這部份的長度與酸度都頗不賴的 XDDD