Blackboard Learn

有時候 Hacker News 上會有一些有趣的問答,像是這篇了有哪些你每天會用到,但卻幹翻的軟體 (下面的討論比較廣義,包括是服務):「Ask HN: What's the worst piece of software you use everyday?」。

先說一下,因為 Hacker News 有分頁的機制,記得看到底以後點 more 看下一頁。

其實沒什麼意外的,知名的軟體都會被幹,包括 AWSDockerSlack 之類的 (然後還看到 Git 也有人幹)。

不過比較意外的是目前在第一頁第一項 (代表分數很高) 的項目,看起來寫的人有滿滿的恨意:

Sorry, but everything listed here is rank amateur stuff when compared to Blackboard Learn (


翻了一下維基百科的「Blackboard Learn」條目,看了裡面的「介紹」,似乎不太意外...


In addition, a number of educational institutions, teachers, and students have expressed concerns about the reliability of Blackboard. McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, has replaced their Blackboard system after multiple problems during one year of use.

因為問題與成本關係換成 open source 的 Moodle

Citing numerous glitches and high costs, many universities are turning to the cheaper, open source alternative Moodle, including Montana State University, Vassar College, California State University, Long Beach, and many other schools.


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's implementation of the system notably suffered sporadic outages in the Grade Book section during the finals of the Fall 2014 semester.

然後這次 COVID-19 也有災情:

In Spring 2020, during coronavirus pandemic, Fairfax County Public Schools, one of the largest school system in the United States with 189 thousand students abandoned Blackboard Learn 24/7 after weeks of unsuccessful attempts to use it. The issues included, poor security allowing live instructions to be hacked and disrupted and inability for the system to cope with the volume even on the days when only elementary schools were using the system.

記得交大以前也有用過 Blackboard 的產品 (不確定用的產品跟 Learn 有沒有關係),網址是 (搜一下還可以看到一些痕跡),但現在也查不到了,後來也沒聽到消息了...