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關於 jquery-latest.js...

jQuery 官方希望大家不要再使用 jquery-latest.js 了:「Don’t Use jquery-latest.js」。

由於他們發現有大量的網站使用 jquery-latest.js,如果直接照著字面上的意思升級到 2.0,會造成這些網站在 IE{6,7,8} 上爛掉:

To mitigate the risk of “breaking the web”, the jQuery team decided back in 2013 that jquery-latest.js could not be upgraded to the 2.0 branch even though that is technically the latest version. There would just be too many sites that would mysteriously stop working with older versions of Internet Explorer, and many of those sites may not be maintained today.

所以官方已經決定將這個檔案鎖定在 1.11.1 版:

As jQuery adoption has continued to grow, even that safeguard seems insufficient to protect against careless use of http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.js. So we have decided to stop updating this file, as well as the minified copy, keeping both files at version 1.11.1 forever. The latest released version is always available through either the jQuery core download page or the CDN home page. Developers can download the latest version from one of those pages or reference it in a script tag directly from the jQuery CDN by version number.

同時,這個決策得到 Google CDN team 的支持,所以 Google CDN 上的 http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1/jquery.js 也將鎖在 1.11.1:

The Google CDN team has joined us in this effort to prevent inadvertent web breakage and no longer updates the file at http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1/jquery.js. That file will stay locked at version 1.11.1 as well. However, note that this file currently has a very short cache time, which means you’re losing the performance benefit of of a long cache time that the CDN provides when you request a full version like 1.11.1 instead.

同時官方也再三宣導,請不要用 jquery-latest.js 了,應該在使用時指定版本號碼。

這個決策算是一種 workaround,避免全世界一堆網站爛掉...