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MIT Media Lab 弄出個好玩的東西,可以不打開書直接掃描書的內容:「Can computers read through a book page by page without opening it?」,主標題是「Terahertz time-gated spectral imaging for content extraction through layered structures」。 用 100Ghz 到 3Thz 的電磁波掃描: In our new study we explore a range of frequencies from … Continue reading

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在「Thousands of apps running Baidu code collect, leak personal data - research」這篇裡,加拿大的研究團隊 Citizen Lab 發現百度的 Android SDK 使用非加密傳輸這些個資: The unencrypted information that has been collected includes a user's location, search terms and website visits, JeffreyKnockel, chief researcher at Citizen Lab, … Continue reading

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