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聯想與 Superfish 的法律訴訟,以及後續的發展...

在「Download.com and Others Bundle Superfish-Style HTTPS Breaking Adware」這邊看到的 tweet,講的相當經典,把他找出來:

文章裡面提到,Superfish 這種插入 CA root certificate 的軟體攔截 HTTPS 內容,不僅僅是 Superfish,這根本是目前免費軟體的「趨勢」,包括了十大裡面的前兩名:

Two of the top ten downloads on CNET (KMPlayer and YTD) are bundling two different types of HTTPS-hijacking adware, and in our research we found that most other freeware sites are doing the same thing.

Facebook 的「Windows SSL Interception Gone Wild」提到了 Facebook 自己觀察到的情況:(SSL traffic 被 Superfish 換掉的百分比,中國地區因為廣為人知的原因,是沒有偵測到的...)

另外「Beyond Superfish: Turns out SSL-trashing spyware is widespread」也提到問題的嚴重性。

甚至有些也偽裝成遊戲:「'Superfish'-style vulnerability found in games and parental control software」:

Rogers cites products including parental control software and IP-cloaking technology as containing the weakness, while Richard says Facebook discovered the certificates being issued by a number of adware vendors disguised as games or search assistants.

實際用 Google Chrome 下載 CNET 上的 KMPlayer,發現直接擋了下來:

在之後的新版則會更明顯的顯示出來:「More Protection from Unwanted Software」。

然後是訴訟的問題,在美國已經有消費者決定對聯想與 Superfish 打集體訴訟了,後續的判賠與和解可以繼續追蹤:「Lenovo hit with lawsuit over Superfish snafu」。