KeyDB:使用 Multithreading 改善 Redis 的效能

Hacker News 上看到有支援 Multithreading 的 Redis fork:「KeyDB – A Multithreaded Fork of Redis (」,官網在「KeyDB - The Faster Redis Alternative」這邊。

不過這篇是要記錄從 Hacker News 看到的雷點,這樣以後自己再找資料的時候會比較容找到。

36022425 這篇是跳下去用發現不太行,最後在 application 端實作需要的 feature,後端還是用原廠的 Redis:

To counter what the other active business said, we tried using KeyDB for about 6 months and every fear you concern you stated came true. Numerous outages, obscure bugs, etc. Its not that the devs aren’t good, its just a complex problem and they went wide with a variety of enhancements. We changed client architecture to work better with tradition Redis. Combined with with recent Redis updates, its rock solid and back to being an after-thought rather than a pain point. Its only worth the high price if it solves problems without creating worse ones. I wish those guys luck but I wont try it again anytime soon.

* its been around 2 years since our last use as a paying customer. YMMV.

另外是在專案裡搜尋「is:open is:issue label:"Priority 1"」的結果可以看到不太妙,在 36021108 這邊有提到的問題:

Filed July, eventually marked priority 1 in early December, not a single comment or signs of fix on it since. That doesn't look good at all.

然後 36020184 有提到 Snap 買進去後沒有什麼在管 open source project 的部分了:

I think I'll stay far away from this thing anyway. Numerous show-stopper bug reports open and there hasn't been a substantial commit on the main branch in at least a few weeks, and possibly months. I'll be surprised if Snap is actually paying anybody to work on this.

在 Hacker News 上看到幾個 Key-Value Store 軟體

Hacker News 上看到「Redis vs. KeyDB vs. Dragonfly vs. Skytable」這篇,裡面介紹了四套 key-value store 軟體:

  • Redis:這個應該不太需要介紹...
  • KeyDBSnapchat 搞出來的 Redis clone,主要的賣點是 multi-threading。
  • Dragonfly:宣稱地球上最快,但作者跑不出來,下面的討論有人提到 Dragonfly 在更多的 CPU 資源效能就會更好。
  • Skytable:作者測出來最快的。

裡面看起來都蠻有趣的,可以追起來看看發展的情況,但如果真的要的用的話,應該還是先以 Redis 為主,穩定度以及功能還是重點...