看到「ISC DHCP Server has reached EOL」這個,月初的時候 ISC 宣佈了 EoL,除非有嚴重的安全性問題冒出來,不然官方打算停止維護了:

The 4.4.3-P1 and 4.1-ESV-R16-P2 versions of ISC DHCP, released on October 5, 2022, are the last maintenance versions of this software that ISC plans to publish. If we become aware of a significant security vulnerability, we might make an exception to this, but it is our intention to cease actively maintaining this codebase.

ISC 則是在推 Kea

Network and system administrators deploying DHCP in new environments should look beyond ISC DHCP for a solution, as it would be irresponsible to invest in new deployments of this software which is now end-of-life. Naturally, ISC suggests new users consider our Kea DHCP server, but there are alternatives.

從維基百科上的「Comparison of DHCP server software」這頁可以看到目前 DHCP server 的選擇。最直接的差異是,其他非 ISC 的全部都是 GPL,只有 ISC 的是 non-GPL。

不過一般不太會自己架 DHCP server,大多是用設備內建裝的跑,以後如果有機會要裝的話,也許得去熟悉 Kea 了...

原來 ISC 自己已經不用 ISC license 了

查資料的時候翻到「ISC Software Licenses」這頁,發現從 2015 年開始 ISC 就打算換掉原先的 ISC license,陸陸續續都轉移到 MPL 2.0...

在維基百科的頁面上可以看到一些說明,包括 KeaBINDISC DHCP 都已經換完了:

In 2015, ISC announced they would release their Kea DHCP Software under the Mozilla Public License 2.0, stating, "There is no longer a good reason for ISC to have its own license, separate from everything else". They also preferred a copyleft license, stating, "If a company uses our software but improves it, we really want those improvements to go back into the master source". Throughout the following years, they re-licensed all ISC-hosted software, including BIND in 2016 and ISC DHCP Server in 2017.

不過 INN 還是維持著 ISC license,應該是因為不算是 ISC 的正式產品?