jq 的開發狀況

Hacker News 上看到「Jaq – A jq clone focused on correctness, speed, and simplicity (github.com/01mf02)」這篇的時候,倒不是 jaq 本身如何,而是在 id=38465712 裡面提到了 jq 的發展停滯了五年左右,但最近又恢復了:

Well, taking into account that jq development has been halted for 5 years and only recently revived again, it's no wonder that bug reports have been sitting there for that time, both well known and new ones. I bet they'll get up to speed and slowly but surely clear the backlog that has built up all this time.

然後下面有提到 https://github.com/jqlang/jq/issues/2305#issuecomment-1572634869 這個,今年六月的時候開始重整團隊改善 bus factor,加入更多新的 maintainer 進來。

算是個好消息,朝向 community 的方式來發展...