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雖然利用談判技巧是可以避開 (在你有本錢談判的情況下),麻州直接立法禁止了,這對於求職者來說相當重要:「Illegal in Massachusetts: Asking Your Salary in a Job Interview」。

The new law will require hiring managers to state a compensation figure upfront — based on what an applicant’s worth is to the company, rather than on what he or she made in a previous position.

法案是「Bill S.2119」,可以看到「An Act to establish pay equity」的說明,應該是指目標之類的。


SECTION 7. This act shall take effect on January 1, 2018.


(3) seek the salary history of any prospective employee from any current or former employer; provided, however, that a prospective employee may provide written authorization to a prospective employer to confirm prior wages, including benefits or other compensation or salary history only after any offer of employment with compensation has been made to the prospective employee;


蘋果 App Store 收費模式的改變

在「APP STORE 2.0」這邊提到了正式的訪談:

In a rare pre-WWDC sit-down interview with The Verge, Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, said that Apple would soon alter its revenue-sharing model for apps.

70/30 的拆分方式有改變,並且擴大開放的範圍:

While the well-known 70 / 30 split will remain, developers who are able to maintain a subscription with a customer longer than a year will see Apple’s cut drop down to 15 percent. The option to sell subscriptions will also be available to all developers instead of just a few kinds of apps. "Now we’re going to open up to all categories," Schiller says, "and that includes games, which is a huge category."


另外在 John Gruber 跟 Phil Schiller 的電話訪談「The New App Store: Subscription Pricing, Faster Approvals, and Search Ads」提到了更多項目。

資料庫裡 Primary Key 的選擇...

Ingram Chen 寫的「Obvious Choice」這篇舉的例子剛好是在討論資料庫裡 Primary Key 的設計。

這個問題之前在 interview 的時候曾經拿出來問。問到資料庫相關的題目時,有些人在設計 schema 會多放一個 id 欄位,有些人則不會放。

有放 id 欄位的我就會問「為什麼要放」,沒有 id 欄位的我就會問「為什麼不這樣設計」。重點不在於哪個才是正確的,而是在於要能夠說明為何這樣選擇。