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MasterCard 在英國被告收取過高的手續費

在「Mastercard sued for $19 billion in Britain's biggest damages claim」這邊看到的幾個重點,第一個是歐盟對國際手續費 1% 的限制:(雖然 Brexit...) A lawyer working on the case said Mastercard charged shops fees in excess of 1 percent for card use on international transactions between 1992 and 2008.Although the … Continue reading

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Audi 準備在 New York International Auto Show 上惡搞無線網路

就是車商的那個 Audi 打算在 New York International Auto Show 上惡搞無線網路,推銷自家的 A4:「Audi is trolling the competition with its Wi-Fi at the New York Auto Show」。 據說再過幾天就會知道實際情況了...

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英國法院認為 GCHQ 偷黑別人機器是合法的

出自「Tribunal rules computer hacking by GCHQ is not illegal」這篇報導。在 Edward Snowden 爆料美國與英國政府都在幹黑的後,Privacy International 就提出訴訟控告 GCHQ,但前幾天法院認定這樣是合法的: Campaigners Privacy International have lost a legal challenge claiming the spying post's hacking operations are too intrusive and break European law. The case was launched … Continue reading

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在「The International Space Station (Finally) Gets an Espresso Machine」這篇看到的,原始的報導出自「The International Space Station (finally!) gets an espresso machine」。 幾個重點 XDDD The ISSpresso requires 120V DC power which is obtained at the Utility Outlet Panel (UOP) on the ISS. 很特別的電力,是 120V DC … Continue reading

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不知道是只有數分 (數據通訊分公司) 有問題,還是其他的也有問題: 這是對 Berkeley 的 的 SmokePing 資料: 這是對 code.jquery.com 的 SmokePing 資料: 可以看出來有些狀況,不過目前看起來正常了 (應該是陸陸續續在調整),但在「HiNet網站公告」還沒看到原因...

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T-Mobile 提供國際漫遊單一費率...

T-Mobile 將要推出國際漫遊單一費率的資費方案:「T-Mobile to offer free unlimited international data, texts」。 引用裡面的文字: T-Mobile's latest shake-up puts international roaming rates in its sights, with the carrier eliminating fees for data and text messages entirely in more than 100 countries. It will also simplify … Continue reading

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