Intel 最新的 Ice Lake 系列對 AES 的加速

Twitter 上看到這篇,講 Intel 推出新的指令集,對 AES 的加速效果:

進去看以後發現是講四月推出的 Ice Lake,在上面新增的 VPCLMULQDQ 指令對效能的幫助:

The introduction of the processor instructions AES-NI and VPCLMULQDQ, that are designed for speeding up encryption, and their continual performance improvements through processor generations, has significantly reduced the costs of encryption overheads.

而他們發表出來的數據說 AES-GCM 的效率直接從 ~23 cycles/byte 降到 0.64 cycles/byte,大約是 35 倍的改進?

More and more applications and platforms encrypt all of their data and traffic. As an example, we note the world wide proliferation of the use of AES-GCM, with performance dropping down to 0.64 cycles per byte (from ~23 before the instructions), on the latest Intel processors.

就算不是 AES-GCM,而是其他的 AES 相關演算法,也是三倍以上的改善:


CPU 指令的速度

在「Infographics: Operation Costs in CPU Clock Cycles」這邊看到張有趣的圖片:

文章大致說明了底層指令速度差異的由來,另外也提到了 C/C++ Function Calls、Indirect and Virtual Calls、Allocations、Kernel Calls、C++ Exceptions 以及 Thread Context Switches 這些高階面向的 CPU clock cycle 差異...

不過重點還是在這張圖 XD