IE11 的淘汰計畫

微軟宣佈了淘汰 IE11 的計畫:「The future of Internet Explorer on Windows 10 is in Microsoft Edge」。


The Internet Explorer 11 desktop application will be retired on June 15, 2022

不過要注意,Windows 10 LTSC 與 server 版的日期不在這次公告的範圍:

Note: This retirement does not affect in-market Windows 10 LTSC or Server Internet Explorer 11 desktop applications. It also does not affect the MSHTML (Trident) engine. For a full list of what is in scope for this announcement, and for other technical questions, please see our FAQ.

FAQ 裡面看起來 Windows 10 LTSC 與 Server 版應該會照著本身作業系統的維護週期走。

另外在文章裡也有提到 Microsoft 365 產品線只支援到今年八月 17 日 (文字部份出自維基百科的「Internet Explorer 11」):

On August 17, 2020, Microsoft published a timeline indicating that the Microsoft Teams product will stop supporting Internet Explorer 11 on November 30, 2020, and Microsoft 365 products will end Internet Explorer 11 support on August 17, 2021.

對一般使用上影響應該不會太大,因為目前市占率的關係,一般網站使用 Chromium 為底的瀏覽器應該都會動,主要的影響應該是遇到一些古董系統,一定得用 IE 才能使用。

修改 User-Agent 讓 Office 365 服務變快...

Facebook 上看到剛剛在 Hacker News 上熱起來的「Onedrive is slow on Linux but fast with a “Windows” user-agent (2016)」這篇,引用了 2016 年在 Microsoft Community 上的討論:「Onedrive for Business open is very slow on Linux (Chrome/Firefox) but with very fast with a "Windows" user-agent」。

Reddit 的「Office 365 Onedrive looks at user-agent to determine performance.」有更多的討論。

因為工作上也會用到 Office 365,也覺得在 Ubuntu 上用起來超級慢,然後看到有使用者也講了 Linux 下的 Google Chrome 也會有類似的問題:

I just tried this same thing--changing the OS in the user agent--on Chome on Linux. The difference really is incredible. Normally I find 365 to be so slow as to be borderline unusable, now it's almost as quick as Google docs. Even the institutional log-ins for my university are faster.

EDIT: Just to clarify, I was testing specifically the web apps for Word and OneNote hosted by my uni. I tried loading them both in normal tabs and ones where I had changed the OS useragent in Chrome's developer panel. The normal tabs hung badly as usual (30+ seconds to load the UI), while the modified tabs loaded very quickly. I tried this several times, but I suppose YMMV.

所以我也拿「User-Agent Switcher for Chrome」加上 IE11 的 user-agent 後測試:

最明顯的差異就是 redirect 變少了,然後開 Word 與 Excel 的速度變快好多 @_@


As Office 365 for Business services(e.g. SharePoint Online, including OneDrive for Business, Exchange Online) are not supported on Linux as shown below, for the best experience, we recommend the operating system listed in the article.

所以只能拿老招出來,把 User-Agent 改成 IE 後就變得超~級~快~

然後最 helpful 的回答是:

Thank you
I go back to Google Apps suite.