.internal 被提案要列入 Reserved Top-Level Domain

意外看到「Proposed top-level domain string for private use: ".internal" (icann.org)」這篇,發現 .internal 還沒被 ICANN 列入 reserved top-level domain?原文在 ICANN 的網站上:「Proposed Top-Level Domain String for Private Use」。

這邊有兩個不同的權力組織 (團體),一邊是掌握著 root name server 規範的非營利組織 ICANN,不過 ICANN 也決定了有哪些 top-level domain 可以賣...;另外一邊是社群與 IETF 在寫下各種建議與制定標準。

現在看起來是在 RFC 6762 (Multicast DNS) 這邊講 Multicast DNS 的地方,意外的在附錄的提到了 .internal 這組 domain:

We do not recommend use of unregistered top-level domains at all, but should network operators decide to do this, the following top-level domains have been used on private internal networks without the problems caused by trying to reuse ".local." for this purpose:

然後列出了六個 domain:


看起來也不是說這六組要被保留,比較像是講個現象?現在 .internal 要被放進去算是補一些決議?真的有公司想要申請這六組任何一個應該都不會過...

ICANN 否決 .org 與 .ngo 的交易

ICANN 否決了 .org.ngo 網域控制權的交易:「ICANN Board Withholds Consent for a Change of Control of the Public Interest Registry (PIR)」。

Today, the ICANN Board made the decision to reject the proposed change of control and entity conversion request that Public Interest Registry (PIR) submitted to ICANN.

事情主要是起於 PIR (Public Interest Registry) 在 2019/11/13 宣佈他們的母單位 ISOC (Internet Society) 將被 Ethos Capital 併購,而這包含了 .org.ngo 網域的資產,這也代表了由 PIR 控制的網域會從非營利單位移到營利單位下 (總共有七個網域,其中最重要的是 .org,有超過一千萬個網域在上面),於是引發許多人的關注:

On 13 November 2019, PIR announced that ISOC, its parent organization, had reached an agreement with Ethos Capital, under which Ethos Capital would acquire PIR and all of its assets from ISOC. Under the agreement, PIR would also be converted from a Pennsylvania not-for-profit corporation to a for-profit Pennsylvania limited liability company. ISOC created and agreed to the transaction details that are under review.

而在隔天 2019/11/14,PIR 依照規定向 ICANN 送出「Notice of Indirect Change of Control and Entity Conversion」申請,依照規定,ICANN 需要在 2020/05/04 前批准或是否決,也就是這幾天就要做出決定。

而 ICANN 昨天宣佈了否決這項提案,暫時搞定了這件事情... 接下來看 Ethos Capital 會不會有什麼反擊 (上訴或是上法院)。

Google 的 .search 網域

Netcraft 的「November 2017 Web Server Survey」這篇看到關於 Google 弄到的 .search 網域:

This month the controversial new .search gTLD being run by Google’s Charleston Road Registry subsidiary was found for the first time, with www.nic.search responding to the survey. Google hopes it will be able to run .search as a dotless domain which will automatically redirect users to their search engine of choice. This proposal has been criticised for going against ICANN’s own rules, which prohibits this functionality due to the potential for conflicts with existing names on internal networks. This feature could also cause confusion for users who have come to expect that typing words into their address bar will perform a search query for that term.

It is currently uncertain whether or not Google will be allowed to run the .search TLD as a dotless domain, however with the launch of the first site on this TLD this month Google is one step closer to the provision of this service.

找了一下資料,ICANNWiki 上的「.search」有些資料,另外也有新聞資訊 (2013 年的):「Google Wants To Operate .Search As A “Dotless” Domain, Plans To Open .Cloud, .Blog And .App To Others」。


取得某些 tld 所有的 Domain Name

在「How to Download a List of All Registered Domain Names」這邊介紹了 .com、.net 以及 .name 的 zone file 怎麼申請與下載 (由 Verisign 維護的三個 tld)。

另外也介紹了 Centralized Zone Data Service,包括所有的 tld,以及 ICANN 提供的 API。


NTIA 決定將 Root Domain 的管理權責轉移到 ICANN

NTIA (National Telecommunications and Information Administration) 決定將 root domain 管理權責移交出來:「NTIA Announces Intent to Transition Key Internet Domain Name Functions」,關於移交的 Q&A 則可以在「IANA Functions and Related Root Zone Management Transition Questions and Answers」這篇讀到。

目前是 NTIA 放出意願,請 ICANN 提出轉移計畫:

As the first step, NTIA is asking the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to convene global stakeholders to develop a proposal to transition the current role played by NTIA in the coordination of the Internet’s domain name system (DNS).

不知道要花多久時間,可能是用幾年的時間轉移。雖然是找 stakeholders,但看起來應該是會由 ICANN 掌握...

ICANN 通過 27 個 top level domain...

在「ICANN Reveals Regional Winners of New gTLDs」這邊看到 ICANN 通過 27 個 top level domain 的消息。

這 27 個 domain 可以透過「New gTLD Current Application Status」這頁查詢,在 Search By 的地方選擇 IE Result = Pass 就可以找出來了。可以看出來這一波都是非英文的網域名稱。

有種被 ICANN 玩到快完蛋的感覺...