Linux Kernel 4.20 修正了一卡車 Intel CPU bug,然後效能掉光了...

看到「Bisected: The Unfortunate Reason Linux 4.20 Is Running Slower」這篇測試了目前還在 RC 的 4.20.0,可以看到 AMD 的效能沒有太大影響,但 Intel i9 的效能掉了很嚴重:

從說明可以看到有測出 30%~50%:

This ranged from Rodinia scientific OpenMP tests taking 30% longer to Java-based DaCapo tests taking up to ~50% more time to complete to code compilation tests taking measurably longer to lower PostgreSQL database server performance to longer Blender3D rendering times.

另外在其他 Intel CPU 上測試也發現不是只有 i9 有影響,低階的機器也是:

Those affected systems weren't high-end HEDT boxes but included a low-end Core i3 7100 as well as a Xeon E5 v3 and Core i7 systems.

透過 bisect 有找到是哪個 commit 造成的:

That change is "STIBP" for cross-hyperthread Spectre mitigation on Intel processors. STIBP is the Single Thread Indirect Branch Predictors (STIBP) allows for preventing cross-hyperthread control of decisions that are made by indirect branch predictors.

但這又是屬於 security patch,不太能關... 加上自從 MeltdownSpectre 後,讓安全研究人員發現了全新的天地,之後應該只會愈來愈慘 :o