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Microsoft Azure 宣佈正式支援 FreeBSD

Microsoft Azure 宣佈支援 FreeBSD:「Microsoft has created its own FreeBSD image. Repeat. Microsoft has created its own FreeBSD image」,Microsoft 的正式公告在這:「FreeBSD now available in Azure Marketplace」。

Microsoft 所作的 patch 都有進 10.3-RELEASE 裡,主要是對於 Hyper-V 虛擬化後的效能補強:

The majority of the investments we make at the kernel level to enable network and storage performance were up-streamed into the FreeBSD 10.3 release, so anyone who downloads a FreeBSD 10.3 image from the FreeBSD Foundation will get those investments from Microsoft built in to the OS.

像是 10Gbps 網路這部份就有明顯的改善:

For example, our measured networking throughput on a 10Gb network on FreeBSD 10.1 was 2Gbps. With 10.3, we’ve been able to achieve over 9Gbps in testing


微軟提供的 IE{7,8,9,10} 測試環境...

微軟前幾天公開了 IE{7,8,9,10} 測試服務:「Testing made easier in Internet Explorer」。


  • 網站版本,可以測試公開網站。
  • 虛擬機版本,可以測試內部網站。這次除了提供 Virtual PCHyper-V 版本的映像檔外,還提供了 VMware PlayerVirtualBox 版本。

不過這些檔案會不會太大了點... 我是抓 VirtualBox 版本,IE10_Win8.zip 居然有 2.7GB,為了真實模擬,所以把整個 Win8 包進去嗎 XDDD